August Product Updates: Advanced Pop-up Triggers, Trial Period, CRM Improvements, and More!

August Product Updates: Advanced Pop-up Triggers, Trial Period, CRM Improvements, and More!

With the new August releases, now you can get more out of the features we already have — advanced pop-up triggers, more Pro features on free websites with the trial period, more customization in CRM. Check out the results of our work in August.

Pop-up Triggers

You’ve asked for more variety in the pop-up triggers, and here we come. Meet these new, advanced pop-up settings for better lead generation.

Opening a Pop-up on Schedule

Set a perfect timing for your pop-up by specifying the start and end date of your campaigns. The pop-up will be shown only within the time period you chose, not a second more. Bonus: you can set a specific timezone, too.

Opening a Pop-up on Schedule

Showing a Pop-up to Your Target Audience with UTM

Specially for you, dear marketers! Now you can display pop-up windows only to your relevant audience. This allows you to personalize current offers for each visitor and track the effectiveness of your ad campaign. To filter the visitors, this trigger uses the UTM parameters. 

Showing a Pop-up to Your Target Audience with UTM

In-built Weblium CRM

We continue to develop our custom CRM system so it comes in handy in your day-to-day business operations.

CRM Custom Fields 

Default CRM fields may not be enough in some cases, so we added a possibility to create custom fields within the deals. These fields may appear in selected deals only or all the new deals you receive — the choice is up to you.

CRM Custom Fields

CRM Notifications

You can now get push notifications to desktop and mobile about all new deals in your CRM. To enable the notifications, enter your account in Chrome, open CRM and click Yes! in the pop-up window.

CRM Notifications

CRM List View 

Turn the list display to get a bird-eye view on the deals you currently have in the CRM. This helps get a clearer picture of the overall performance, also sort and filter the requests. Also, you can choose to display the custom fields in the list view.

CRM List View

Free Trial Period 

Finally, an opportunity for you to test some Pro features without paying for the Pro subscription right away. Available in personal and reseller accounts.

Free Trial Period for New Websites

Now all new websites you create in your personal account will go on a free trial period. With this trial period, great features get unlocked: pop-ups, chats, analytics, and more. The trial starts automatically and lasts for 14 days. Enjoy Pro experience for free!

Free Trial for Reseller Accounts

For those who are creating websites for clients: it’s way easier to manage them with Weblium White Label, under your logo and domain. If you ever hesitated, now you can start a free 3-day trial, no credit card required.

Mobile View Improvements

Mobile traffic increases monthly, so we thought you’d appreciate some improvements in the way Weblium websites look on smaller screens.

Mobile View Improvements

Paddings and Fonts on Mobile

We’ve enlarged the fonts and paddings on smaller screens, including mobile. This way, the website looks neater, lighter, and more readable. To enjoy the new mobile look, re-publish the website. 

New Weblium Templates of August

Meet our hot new templates!

Public Demonstration 

Public Demonstration Template

Craft Beer 

Craft Beer Temlplate

Music Party

Music Party Temlplate

Food Order 

Food Delivery Template


IPTV-Provider Template


woodworker template

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