10 Great Writer Website Examples in 2024

10 Great Writer Website Examples in 2024

Being a freelance writer is an ambiguous career. One day you are completely satisfied with your goals, and another day you seem to be missing, and look for any orders to fulfill your time.

Many writers work through a writers stock exchange. But why don’t build your own name within the freelance copywriters? Take all the advantages of your own portfolio website for a writer. Inspect careers and websites of ones who inspire you. Notice how a website has influenced their careers. Here we’ve got a special list of the similar writer’s websites that you will definitely like.

Steps to create your own perfect copywriter website:

  • analyze your work first
  • define your strengths and weaknesses
  • choose your sphere of interest (or assume that your range of topics is wide and variable)
  • read this list for inspiration
  • create a perfect freelance writer website on Weblium

Let’s start. Here we will list the most interesting website decisions, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Freelance Writer Website Examples

Kim Krueger – freelance writing website

website: https://www.kimkruegerwriting.com/#homePage

The first one is Kim Krueger and her web copywriter’s website.

This website is similar to a CV, it presents the person, her education, the vision of work and goals. She has chosen a bright color as a background and nice photo which shows her real face.

Note: this website is a one-pager, with a navigation bar. For real, you don’t need many pages to describe yourself. Be brief and specific.

Emily Stifler Wolfe – writing website

freelance writer website examples


Emily Stifler Wolfe is an experienced writer, journalist and content writer. This website is her wide portfolio, she includes here lists of her publications, articles, reviews.

It is noticeable, that her abstracts are saved in pdf and look like pages from a magazine. There she collects and shows many of her personal achievements not only in the sphere of work. She is interested in mountaineering, climbing, extreme sports. It all complements her character.

Note: don’t hesitate to add your personal information and achievements to your page. They make you a more open and interesting person.

Jessica Estrada

website: https://www.estradajessica.com/

Take a look at this girlish website design. Jessica has chosen a friendly atmosphere, according to the topics of her interest: fashion, beauty, food, wellness, and travel. In the bio, she noted the number of years of experience, both freelance and as a hired office employee.

Note: Jessica’s list of clients is fascinating. Add there only those clients, who are the most relevant to your main topics of interest. This will make your portfolio honorable and single-minded.

Muriel Vega  – freelance writer website example

freelance writer website examples - weblium

website: https://www.murielvega.net/

Another writer’s webpage Muriel Vega. She decided to state her favorite topics just on the top of the web page. What is more, Muriel Vega used flashcards to emphasize these topics and build associations. She put her photo and biography on the About page, to leave a Home page devoted only to work.

Note: Muriel added a reference to her photographer and illustrator. This means that she already has a team, and clients might make a complex order. Remember that work in a team can bring higher results in a longterm period.

Zina Kumok

website: https://zinakumok.com/

Zina Kumok has captured us with her attractive open look. The official style of her clothes makes you think of something complex. And yes, you see the written text “specializing in personal finance”. This woman won’t write entertaining texts, she is a journalist and economist.

Never the less, her experience and skills in writing are promising, taking into account her as a speaker.

Note: a good direction for the development, if you are a writer – start speaking. This option is more interesting to professionals in narrow specialties.

Owen Williams – freelance website design example

website: https://owenwillia.ms/

Owen Williams combines writing texts and writing code. He is both a developer and a writer. So he decided to propose both skills to his clients. He is interested in everything connected to new technologies. His texts will reflect a deep knowledge of the technical side of web products and services. Owen noted having marketing skills so his texts are going to be catching and interesting for advertising purposes.

Note: Owen has his own blog on the website. This is a good way to present writing skills without publications on other resources.

Kendall Powell SciWriting – freelance writer website example

website: http://kendallpowellsciwriting.com/

Just look at this hook. Kendall Powell used a brilliant metaphor for the work she does. She is a freelance science editor and writer, interested in biology, microbiology, medicine, and health.

Note: This website is more of a CV type than a website for advertising the writing service. But it is made in the best traditions of a website for a freelance writer.

Jason Little 

website: https://www.jlwriterforhire.com/

This writer chose to introduce himself through the best traditions of marketing. At the home page, you instantly see a text, describing all the benefits of work with him.

Possibly, this is the right decision when you work in a highly competitive sphere and you are 100% sure of what exactly your clients might need.

Note: Jason’s way to encourage communication consists of making a free quote for a customer on request.

Kate Morgan – freelance example

freelance website

website: http://www.bykatemorgan.com/

Kate Morgan is a freelance journalist from the USA. In the short description, she put the names of the top editions she worked with. The page contains the same brief specifications.

Her favorite topics are people, food and healths, science, travel, art.

Note: even this brief website can attract the required clients to you. Don’t forget to put your e-mail address to a prominent place on the website.

Margaret Littman, Writer & Editor

Margaret Littman has a significant portfolio. She is a writer and editor. And she in her career has written not only articles and abstracts but even books. Her books are listed in a separate section on a website. Current projects show that she is always busy and fill the price for her expert work.

Note: The description contains text written in the third person. Think about yourself whether this style is suitable for you.

Now you know some tips and tricks for making your own website concise, clear and beautiful. Think of your own preferences for a website and look through website templates on Weblium. You are nearer to launch than you think.

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