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Tips and tricks for a creating an author website

An author website is a huge bonus for your writing career:

65% of people find it hard to produce engaging content, and you are the professional in it.

An average number of author website visitors amounts to 849 per month, and you can get even more.


56% of visitors come from searching engines, 82% of them are new ones. Your fanbase is going to grow.


Start with thinking through your author website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective author website that we’ve done for you

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Keep it simple.

Tell who you are and what you do, just in a few words. You know how to make it catchy, right? Add your photo or an image of your latest book. A homepage of your author website is your greeting and your business card. Make it interesting and invite to find out about your writing.

Add some more pages to your author websiteThe pages author websites usually consist of

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The majority of visitors will check out this page among the first ones. Make sure you have listed all books in a chronological order or according to series they compose. Add a short preview, a cover (or several cover versions), and an extract from a book to fuel the interest.


Tell about yourself – the biographical background, the awards, a couple of fun facts, a little about your style or inspiration. The story on this page should either be filled with bare facts or resonate with your writing style.

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Maybe you would like to tell more about your universe? Maybe you would like to share locations from your books? Send readers on a quest, offer them some merch, encourage them to explore more in any other engaging way.

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Share the professional contacts – an email, a phone number, the links to social networks. They are important for press, agents, and readers.

Final touch: nice-to-have author website pages 

Categories The categorization will be helpful in case you write stories in different genres, participate in numerous projects, or have some merch apart from books. If categorization seems to make navigation easier, then you definitely need it.
BlogSometimes you don’t need to write an entire book to express your ideas. A blog on your author website can become a cozy place to share some thoughts about life, inspiration and so on.
EventsWhat about book presentations, forum, autograph sessions? Publish the schedule so readers can come and communicate with you.
MediaHere you can place the links to interviews, both published online and filmed, news and press releases, comments and media appearances. Readers will be grateful to find everything gathered in one place.

Author website templates
Use this templates as starting point for your unique website

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