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make a website for kids

Weblium unique opportunities to create a website for kids

making your own website for kids

No more codes

Awesome website maker for kids eliminates the hassle of coding yourself or using editors. Thanks to the accessible and convenient functionality, it is quite easy to deal with the creation of a site on your own. There is a choice among dozens of various templates, as well as the ability to customize the site with simple methods. 

how to make a website for kids

Thoughtful design

Now making your own website for kids with the Weblium platform is even more accessible. You can independently customize the arrangement of content and blocks, as well as make an individual design.

website maker for kids

Easy and high-speed

Website builder for kids from Weblium promotes fast development and does not require web programming skills. Just choose the appropriate design solutions, carry out customization and manage the website in the future with the help of special tools.

make your own web site for kids

Free stock images

A large number of images are available for each client of the Weblium platform online. Go to the appropriate category and select several pictures at once to improve the design. Visual content will help make your own websites for kids on a professional level and in a short time.

How to create a kid-friendly website


Register and choose a template

To create a website for kids, you just have to choose one of the templates you adore or several connected together.


Choose a design based on your needs

Websites for school projects, personal web resources, learning portals, and much more are available in terms of design for each user. The most important thing is having a kid-friendly website design.


Customize your website

To make web building for kids a simple and practical solution, the Weblium team has created a convenient form for managing content — both visual and textual content.


Integrate essential services

Need to connect a form to fill in contact data or a CRM site control system? This can be done in a few clicks.


Check the website and publish it

You can not only make a website for kids but also check its functionality after creation. It is best to make sure that the site is working correctly and configured as needed before publishing. To do this, just press the "Preview" button.


Make your site popular

Website maker for kids contains dozens of tools and features to help you promote your website efficiently on the internet. To do this, it is recommended to place it on Google MyBusiness, enter meta tags and other elements for SEO promotion.

Create a website for kids in less than 5 minutes!

Choose from hundreds of professionally made templates or create from scratch

The main types of websites for kids

We offer to consider the most popular types of sites for kids and create a personal web resource without specialized knowledge and skills.

Website for a school project

In computer science lessons at school, the teacher can pose a problem — making your own website for kids. This previously required studying a large number of materials, but now everything is much simpler. The well-thought-out Weblium system will help you develop a school project of any complexity using a simple website builder for kids.

Personal website for a student

A student can create a personal website in order to increase the level of trust from other students and the teacher. What is more, a personal website for a child is required if they decide to work with customers from an early age. Unique website builder for kids is a quick and easy solution even for those who have never learned the basics of web development before.

Learning websites for kids

Many parents prefer to make a website for kids for educational purposes, which greatly simplifies the learning procedure and makes it as effective as possible. A wide selection of templates and available functionality will help to implement the task of any complexity.

Children website templates

Children's Education Center

Special Education

If you want to create a children's website for free, then a Weblium website builder will be the best assistant for this.

What pages should be placed on the website for kids

The number, type, and arrangement of pages are parameters that depend on the individual needs of each child. Weblium is inviting you to have a look at the recommended pages list for a general understanding of the issue.


Description of the child's activities

It is important to indicate what the student is doing, what work they do most often, and also talk about the main projects.


Student aspirations and skills page

It is recommended to post data on what the student wants to be when they grow up, and what skills they have. The student's skills and knowledge must inspire trust among website visitors.


Portfolio of completed projects

A unique kid-friendly website may contain a portfolio of completed projects (if available) to confirm the professional, personal, or other qualities of the student.


Contacts for quick communication

Sure thing, contact information will become the most important block or a separate page. Information will help ensure effective communication and interaction between student and teacher (parent-child), etc.

Ready-made integrations

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ready-made integrations

Weblium allows adding additional plugins to your website to expand its functionality


Weblium customers’ feedback

Find out why over 130,000 website creators have opted for Weblium

  • Illustration

    Pam Knight

    Marketing Specialist

Amazing platform, super easy to use and fabulous support team who never give up on you until they find a solution for you, even if you are being a tad thick! It’s a relatively new platform but has surprisingly few problems, and those that come up are solved quickly and efficiently and since I am one to really push the boundaries, if anyone was going to find the glitches it would be me! Well done Team Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Jacquey Dougherty

    President at Dougherty Financial Consultants, Inc.

Weblium created a very professional website for my Insurance Agency/Accounting Firm business. When I indicated that I wanted to be able to add news items/blogs on a regular basis, they were extremely patient with me in training me how to do it. They took the time to send me videos that were extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. When I have a question, I email it and a consistent member of the staff gets back to me literally right away. I highly recommend Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Hillary Moon

    Hillary Moon Performance Art

I had a Facebook page but wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Weblium's offer, it seemed too good to be true at first. But Weblium did a great job! They built the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10.

  • Illustration

    Kate Goncharova

    Mimodels Management

We decided to create a website since it’s the best way to showcase your talents in modeling business. Weblium created a site that both meets our expectations perfectly and is pretty simple to manage on your own. I can vouch for the quality of this service


  • Why create a website for a child?

    Websites for kids are necessary, first of all, for the general development of the student. The development procedure allows to determine how interesting it will be for the child to start the path to IT, etc.

  • Can a child really create a website on their own?

    Undoubtedly. The tools of the Weblium platform are so simple that a child can master them in a matter of minutes. For this purpose, it is enough to go through a short instruction manual.

  • How to make the perfect website for a student without skills?

    Very simple. The builder offers a huge number of templates, design variations, and blocks that can be easily manipulated online. You don't need to download anything, worry about databases, develop integrations, and write code. Just create your own web portal.

  • Can a child launch a website on their own?

    Sure! Anybody can not only create a website for kids but also launch it and publish it on the internet.

  • How to teach a child to create websites using Weblium?

    The training takes only a few minutes, after which the child can cope with the task on their own. No need to have knowledge of the web programming industry.

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