30+ Best Band and Musician Websites: Inspiring Examples

30+ Best Band and Musician Websites: Inspiring Examples

In a modern world, where life keeps moving at a frantic pace, artists need to contemplate creatively the business of generating leads and keeping the fanbase that is already there involved and excited. The artists of today most certainly need a website to successfully establish a feasible and enduring online presence.

Websites for musicians are a quintessence of ingenuity, coherence, and creativity. The musician website design examples that follow will give you a general idea about what to include in a website for a musical artist or an ensemble, so, please, stay tuned!

jazz musician website

This music website template on Weblium, for a band performing the music of jazz and blues persuasions, this time. Cleanliness, fluency, convenient functionality, and emphasis on the significance of picking high-quality visual content are the template’s distinctive qualities.

dj music website design

This music website template is made on Weblium with an idea of what a website for an accomplished ensemble of electronic musicians can look like. The example is neat, crisp, and properly structured. Coherence of the color palette contributes to the overall harmoniousness of the website.

It’s not just a musician website but a resource dedicated to the release of a new music album. This website template was created on Weblium so you can use it for your website. The design has a dark color palette but with accent gradients on the buttons and some images. It makes the site look fresh and bright. Also, the musician’s website conveniently contains links to music streaming services. This example is an ideal website for musicians who play electronic, techno, jazz, and even rock music.

band website examples
musician websites

Pastel color against the unicolored black background makes this singer-songwriter and producer’s website easy to navigate. The musician’s intention to urge the visitors to become immersed with his music, discover his music and purchase branded merchandise is fairly straightforward.


website for singer

The teal background color of the website for this singer looks regal, coupled with subtle font in golden and yellow. The design complements the artist’s style and level of sophistication, while also making her latest production, an album entitled 30, a centerpiece.

The Weeknd

musician website

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, otherwise known as The Weeknd, is a Canadian-based singer, songwriter, and producer of Ethiopian descent. The Weeknd PNG Picture it impresses with its simplicity and style. Resembling the stylistics of a newspaper clipping, the grid-based outline of this website is convenient and easy to navigate, serving as a proper tool to make the artist’s acquaintance, support, and connect with him on a more meaningful level. 


Drake Related

web site for musicians

Virtual tour through a house as a means to get introduced to this artist’s music is the epitome of an inventive approach to building a musician’s website. The musician website example is, by all means, interactive, intuitive, captivating, and visually appealing. Hence, browsing through the musician’s website becomes an exhilarating a memorable experience.

Doja Cat

singer website

Design-wise, textures are the website’s calling card for this female singer, songwriter, and producer. Through design, the artist positions herself as a composer of the music of rap persuasion. Minimalist design solution complies with the ‘nothing in excess’ maxim. All in all, the appearance of the website illustrates feminine energy within the rap music domain.


music artist website

Moving message display signs at the header and the footer of the page serve as the attention grabber, prompting the visitors of the website to explore two of the musical singer’s most recent productions. You can also effortlessly check some video clips, tracks, and tour dates, as well as to subscribe to a mailing list. A peaceful color palette is a glue that helps hold all the elements of the website together.

best music websites

An online store and a musician’s portfolio page coalesce in the website for Lil Nas X. Grid-based layout, white background, readable fonts, and featuring high-quality images of branded merchandise are the basis of the resource’s appeal. The mailing list subscription window pops up after you spend a few moments scrolling through the website, which may allow you to keep track of the artist’s pursuits effortlessly.

Billie Eilish

best websites for musicians

This singer-songwriter website is the epitome of tenderness and cleanliness. The artist’s latest album, tour dates, branded merch, and email updates subscription are the website’s focal points. YouTube previews of the artist’s music videos will let you have a feel of the musician’s artistry.

The Beatles

band websites

An example of a website for a musical art that has become a legend. All songs of this band have been arranged alphabetically and chronologically, which takes the concept of orderliness to a whole new level and many of the band’s followers may find it quite amusing. A peaceful color palette, comprehensible navigation, and gripping find design provide for a meaningful and entertaining user experience.


best musician sites

Band web design coheres user-friendliness and high-quality content worthy of the grandeur of the band itself. Black and white colors set the tone, interspersed with the vibrance and velocity of the images featuring the members of the band. To those who feel more comfortable with the original lineup, exploring the website may feel like a walk down the memory line, while those who can appreciate the new lead singer’s prowess may also find plenty of information they can enjoy.

band websites examples

The latest releases, branded merch, tour dates, and newsletter subscription form are the highlights of this band’s website. Pinch-sharp contrasty images and blocks of a beige color in the background offset the domineering black color. The balanced color palette and coherence of fonts make the website aesthetically appealing.

Britney Spears

musicians websites examples

In celebration of the turn-of-the-century popular culture, this website for a singer coalesces the aesthetics of the 2000s and puts into perspective the leap forward computer-mediated technology has made over the past two decades. The noise effect applied to the image portraying the artist herself adds some nostalgic atmosphere to the source, which is otherwise up-to-date, comprehensible, and crisp.

Elvis Presley

music website examples

This musician’s website mission is to celebrate the life and work of one of the most influential, controversial, prolific, and famed artists to date. The musician website does a great job arranging the artist’s musical legacy chronologically, by album, or by genre. Non-aggressive call to action invites the visitors to subscribe for newsletters and explore the electronic shop shrouded with Presley-themed branded merch.


band websites examples

Notice how crimson and black colors mirror the identity of the performer. The musician website builds suspense within the target audience, allowing them to experience the rapper’s most recent productions in an intuitive way.

Taylor Swift

musicians websites examples

Creating a musical album celebrating a color can be a proper tool to continue building your brand identity. The idea is not without a spark of creativity either. Choosing a color and building a marketing strategy around it is a whimsical notion in and of itself. Taylor Swift’s website is conclusive proof of all these statements.

musician website designs

Aesthetically versatile, a website for Celine Dion guarantees full immersion into the artist’s talent. Through comprehensible and effortless navigation, the website endows the visitor with an opportunity to experience the artist’s personality, her perceptions of arts, culture, and aesthetics.

Pink Floyd

best band websites

The band website at hand celebrates the pioneers of the Psychedelic Rock stage. The source is an example of effective integration of the links to the band’s official social media accounts into the website the primary goal of which is to offer insight into the band’s history and art, as well as to advertise their future appearances.

Cardi B

best musician websites

Eclecticism, that is, combining the contrasting elements, is what makes this particular musician website stand out, which, in turn, is also the main cause for its memorability. The website is thorough, yet concise, comprehensive, and yet not too elaborate.

Ariana Grande

music web designs

Subdued, pale pastel colors add a painterly look to the website concerned. At the same time, the calmness of the website’s design somewhat counterpoises the clamorousness, glamor, and eloquence of the message Grande’s music conveys.

Harry Styles

musicians page

Fish-eye portrait of the performer himself is a centerpiece of this one-page musician website. The source advertises the artist’s official accounts on social networking platforms and promotes his most recent album.

Kendrick Lamar

singer websites

Dark-themed design is convenient for an eye of a visitor of a music artist website. The source is a place to seek connection with the performer and keep track of his artistic pursuits. The website seamlessly integrates a link to an electronic shop selling branded merchandise.

Maroon 5

cool band websites

The website for this musical band is actually five different websites in one: as the language of the interface changes, so does the design. Bright and overflowing with information, the English version of the band’s website can be described as thorough, convoluted, and effective in terms of keeping the visitors engaged with the band’s recent productions and updates.

musician portfolio examples

Album cover design solutions shape the appearance of the website for this singer-songwriter. The website is gripping and easy to navigate, making it possible for you to effortlessly follow the musician’s pages on social media and streaming platforms. Once you realize how much the aesthetics of the websites differs from that of Lewis Capaldi’s music, chances are, you will come to appreciate the artist himself even more.


musician website example

Celebrating musical acts who, sadly, have called it a day is never an easy thing. On the official Nirvana website, you may be able to enjoy the band’s visual and acoustic aesthetics, revisit the band’s history, and join the mailing list.

Justin Bieber

musician portfolio website

The monochromatic design of the website for Justin Bieber entices you to focus on the textual information concerning the recent updates on the artist himself, announcements, and his latest productions.


best music artist websites

This particular source is an example of a website for a musical artist who assumes the role of an influencer. The artist’s collaboration with Clara Lionel Foundation most certainly is one of the musician website’s most important highlights.

websites for singers

The highlight of the website is the band’s new album. As you will be continuing to explore the website, you will be able to become familiar with the band, find out about the festivals where the band is going to make an appearance. At the footer of the page, the parties to whom it may concern will find the contact information necessary to negotiate the collaboration with the musicians or the terms and conditions of making publications about the band in press.

Jethro Tull

rock band websites

The website is for a legendary classic rock band. The source is a comprehensive guide for the group’s history and creations. The focus is on the aspects essential for the functioning of any musical act, which constitutes the added value of the website itself.


Cool music websites do not merely encapsulate aesthetic appeal. They also ought to be informative, convenient, and take a user’s identity into consideration.

Weblium can help you as a musician to stay on track, allowing you to spend efforts on the things you are passionate about instead of allowing less significant things to divert your attention. Explore the options Weblium to create a website for musical artists and do consider exploring music website templates developed by Weblium.

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