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Modeling agency


Money Loan


Flower Studio




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Sometimes you need to get rid of the excessive decorations to attract attention to the main message. If you plan to launch a web resource that will look impressive or redesign an existing one, check out our minimalist website templates. They will help to focus on the content/services you provide, won’t distract attention by the abundance of colors or flash animations, and make your website an example of cutting-edge design. 
Minimalist website templates stay trendy for several seasons in a row. Maybe users are just tired of the attempts of web owners to impress them, maybe trend setters are just influential, or maybe it is the aesthetics, but the strive to make a site as simple as possible is obvious and effective. 
Minimalist website templates can be used for diverse resources, from serious companies to entertainment resources. Minimalism doesn’t mean that you should forget about originality, you are limited in color solutions, you are forbidden to use videos or animations. On the contrary, it helps to limit the number of those things to choose only those that will create a perfect balance. 
Here on Weblium you will find a decent collection of minimalist website templates. Our team worked hard to design these templates, and we are really proud of the final result. We believe you’ll find something you love a lot and will be proud of the way your new site looks. Scroll down to check out the options. 

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