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Possibilities of Weblium as the website builder for bands

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Ready-made templates

Weblium takes the standards of web hosting for singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists to a new level. The website builder reconsiders the fundamentals of performers' media presence. Hence, it provides access to a virtually illimitable pool of the best music web designs. Stencils become available after a simple and free registration procedure. Having picked a template, you will instantly receive step-by-step instructions on how to launch and a website for musicians and keep it going.

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All-in-one tool

The website builder for bands and singers provides:
comprehensible and user-friendly design; effortless navigation;plentiful options; gentle and careful technical guidance.
Whatever your device of choice may be (a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a personal computer), a musician’s website will look just as exquisite at all times.

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Search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO, considerably helps to make your website easier to find. As the traffic will continue to increase, it will also be displayed earlier in the search results. Weblium grants access to practically all instruments that come in handy as you will strive for discoverability, specifically the following: clean URL, SSL certificate, keywords, meta elements, and alt tags.

Free music website templates

Create a website that fits your music genre

How to create a music website


Pick a template

With Weblium, you do not need to start from scratch. After registration, the website builder endows you with a collection of blueprints, so you can choose the one that best matches your needs, tasks, and requirements. The templates are customisable for the sake of forging a memorable and authentic identity.



Homepage banners featuring the artists, album covers (the latest ones, at least), and promotional photographs are now easy to add. If you want the name of a group or their logo to appear on the homepage – a website builder sure can do that for you as well, not to mention adjusting colour pallets, fonts, backgrounds, tabs, and animation.


Provide content

Give your website visitors a sense of who you are as an artist. Provide all the information that you deem relevant: audial, visual, textual. Consider breaking these data into sections and pages.


Include integrations

Weblium enables easy and smooth incorporation of:
 online chats;
 call-back forms;
 contact forms.


Undertake a preliminary study of your website and publish it

Click on the preview button and check whether or not all sections, pages, and items of content work and run adequately before publishing your website. Proofread textual information. Verify data and proceed with caution to publication.


Advertise your website

Make sure to promote your website via your pages on social networking platforms. Check that your website contains keywords, alt tags, and metadata.

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Benefits of website building for the music industry

Supporting you as you’ll attempt to keep up with the pace of modern life

All segments of the IT domain have one thing in common. All of them are aware of the fact that the amounts of information are continuing to increase exponentially. Keeping a creator’s resume short, informative, and clean nowadays can be considered one of the unwritten conventions that shape computer-assisted communication.

Helping you to showcase your work

Attracting a new audience is key to success. The listen banner or button opens up an infinite amount of possibilities for inviting new members to the circle of your supporters. All you have to do to showcase your work is integrate a playlist or a link to a streaming service. Weblium matrixes allow doing that in one click.

Guiding you the processes of giving and receiving feedback

By acknowledging the existence of the relevant drives shaping your followers' behaviours, you will reasonably better comprehend how to act within a certain mediascape. The community of those capable of and willing to appreciate your art may want to associate with each other. The fan club section may as well allow your supporters to communicate and exchange thoughts. Seeing that information may help to reignite something that has prompted you to pursue music in the first place, especially in times of isolation, oversaturation with information, and when coping with the creator’s blocks becomes nigh on impossible.

Ready-made integrations

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ready-made integrations

Weblium allows adding additional plugins to your website to expand its functionality


Weblium customers’ feedback

Find out why over 130,000 website creators have opted for Weblium

  • Illustration

    Pam Knight

    Marketing Specialist

Amazing platform, super easy to use and fabulous support team who never give up on you until they find a solution for you, even if you are being a tad thick! It’s a relatively new platform but has surprisingly few problems, and those that come up are solved quickly and efficiently and since I am one to really push the boundaries, if anyone was going to find the glitches it would be me! Well done Team Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Jacquey Dougherty

    President at Dougherty Financial Consultants, Inc.

Weblium created a very professional website for my Insurance Agency/Accounting Firm business. When I indicated that I wanted to be able to add news items/blogs on a regular basis, they were extremely patient with me in training me how to do it. They took the time to send me videos that were extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. When I have a question, I email it and a consistent member of the staff gets back to me literally right away. I highly recommend Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Hillary Moon

    Hillary Moon Performance Art

I had a Facebook page but wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Weblium's offer, it seemed too good to be true at first. But Weblium did a great job! They built the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10.

  • Illustration

    Kate Goncharova

    Mimodels Management

We decided to create a website since it’s the best way to showcase your talents in modeling business. Weblium created a site that both meets our expectations perfectly and is pretty simple to manage on your own. I can vouch for the quality of this service


  • Are any coding skills necessary to build a website?

    No, it is possible to build a website even with a cursory understanding of web architecture and programming, if any at all. Weblium has been designed to guide you through the website construction procedure and offer you solutions on a turn-key basis.

  • On average, how long may it take to create a website with Weblium?

    With Weblium templates, you will be able to create a unique-looking website in under 30 minutes. However, it is still all very relative: if you plan on launching a string of comprehensive online pages, it may take a bit longer.

  • How much does it cost to create a website with a website builder?

    Weblium is proud to offer a Pro subscription, a pricing plan that charges a monthly fee of $8,25. The package includes marketing tools, domain, and replies from contact forms. Please, note that once you decide to start a website with the help of a website builder, you will be responsible for its development, customisation, and maintenance. For instance, you will be able to freely add new compositions and pictures by yourself.

  • Would you recommend making a music artist’s website mobile-friendly?

    Yes, Weblium most certainly would recommend making your website mobile-friendly because in doing so, you will be able to use the benefits of being found via mobile search.

  • Will I be able to create an attractive music website on Weblium?

    The website builder’s goal is to assist you on your way to attaining harmony between visual and audial information on your website. 300+ customisable templates prefabricated by professional designers await. Weblium suggests distinguishing between solo vocalists' or instrumentalists' websites, band websites, and websites for music festivals to help you to convey and spread your message with even greater effectiveness and efficiency.

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