How to Connect Existing Domain Name to Your Website

How to Connect Existing Domain Name to Your Website

Follow the instructions below to connect a domain you already own.

Important: this option is available for Pro-sites only.

1. Log in to your Weblium account.

Log In

2. Hover over a Pro site and click on Settings.

3. Navigate to the Domains tab and click on Connect existing domain:

Connect existing domain

4. In the pop-up window enter the domain name and click Continue:

enter the domain name

5. Follow the instructions you receive:


6. Domain records will propagate within 24–48 hours, and the site will be fully accessible with the custom domain name.

Connecting a domain with the help of an A record

In some cases, it’s recommended to connect a domain with the help of DNS records. For instance, if you want to manage the domain at your current host, if you are connecting a subdomain or if the domain registrar doesn’t allow to change the NS records.

For that please follow the instructions above, but switch the tab on step #5 to Via DNS records:

connect domain via DNS records

Follow the instructions in the new pop-up window and click done:

Set domain via DNS records

Save the changes and allow up to 24—48 hours for the domain records to propagate worldwide.

Short tutorial about connecting your domain

So, if you have your own domain purchased from a third-party service, check out the instruction how to connect it. That’s how you boost your business and stand out among competitors!

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Jerry Peres
Jerry Peres
Jan 8, 2020 5:36 am

Awesome Post! It’s actually remarkable piece of writing, I have got much clear idea of choosing domain names. Thanks