Feedback on Weblium from Web Designer Yanina

Feedback on Weblium from Web Designer Yanina

After publishing the feedback from designers in our blog, we received a lot of positive reactions. This is why we would like to share successful cases of our users and motivate them to create the best websites on Weblium.

Today, we will talk with Yanina Romanova, a website developer on the Weblium platform. She agreed to attend an interview to share her website creation experience on Weblium

Greetings! Let’s get to know each other!

My name is Yanina. I have been designing for around 3 years. I started learning it before the full-scale war, and, unfortunately, I was learning about the Russian builders. 

And after the full-scale war, did you go to another platform?

I, like many other Ukrainians, started to search for alternatives. And it took a lot of work to find alternatives. There were a lot of thoughts in my head, like, “Why has no one created an analog? What should I do next?”. I tried several builders, but the best one for me was Weblium. After that, I moved clients’ websites from Russian builders to Weblium. 

The valuable point to mention is that I had a lot of design courses but no builder training. However, Weblium is developed in a way where everything can be easily understood. I tried a lot of features there, and with the assistance of the support team, I did master this builder. 

Did you always work as a designer, or did you have other professions? 

Before web design, I was an accountant, financial, and tender specialist. It was a completely different area.

Why did you change your profession?

The quarantine started, and I realized that it is essential to find a digital profession. I was thinking a lot about working in the IT field. I had an opportunity to take a break: I left my job and started learning web design.

Why did you choose turnkey website creation?

It is a highly demanded format. Many clients don’t understand that there are several website creation steps: UX, UI, and markup. People want to receive a fully-made site. It is good because I like not only creating the design but also transferring this design to Weblium. 

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How did you know about Weblium?

The community of designers on Instagram is huge. And my colleague advised me about this builder. We were chatting, and I asked, “Where did you find the analog? Where did you create this website?”.

When I found it, it wasn’t Weblium. It is now pretty popular, and many people create websites here. But at that time, I was one of the first designers who started doing jobs on this platform. 

What do you like the most about Weblium builder?

weblium feedback

But now I will tell you what I like the most about Weblium:

  • Flex block. This is the update I’ve been waiting for too long. Such features are not present on every platform, which makes it even more valuable. 
  • Understandable interface. Even at the beginning of my journey, it wasn’t necessary to spend much time and effort to learn how to work with Weblium.
  • Support. The chat works 24/7. There were cases when I asked them for help at 2 a.m., and I thought I would get the response in the morning. But they replied in 5 minutes. It feels like they don’t sleep at all. Other builders removed the online chat feature from their platforms. 
  • Help center. Everything is well-organized. I can find answers to many questions there. 
  • Affiliate program. I registered on ShareASale, and I receive a financial reward for every client I get. Only some of the builders are provided with such advantages. 

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Are there any restrictions or disadvantages of using Weblium?

When the Flex block was released, all the questions disappeared because this feature helped create a unique design to transfer and make what I designed in Figma. Moreover, there have been a lot of different updates in the past several months. I lose track of them because of how many you have. So now, I learn what’s new directly in the editor while working on new projects. 

Many requests I wrote to the support team appeared in the builder, such as Integration with Nova poshta. It was an e-commerce feature I needed so badly. 

I would like the integration with Figma. I don’t know how realistic it is, but it would be great. 

Also, several requests for mobile websites, such as adapting for mobile devices only. I would be extremely happy if there were a feature to create a separate mobile version. 

What websites do you create most often?

There is only one store. In most cases, I create landing pages or websites with a couple of pages. I work with different niches like tourism agencies, experts, and law. Currently, I am developing a cargo shipping website for Latvia and Estonia. But I work with various areas, no matter the request. 

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Where do you find clients?

At the very beginning, I was looking for clients on Instagram. And my first client, the one I am still working with, was found with the help of mailing. After that, my clients started promoting my services, which was great. Different labor websites needed to be better for me, even though I tried them at the beginning of my career. 

You don’t know how to become a freelance web designer? In this article, we provide you with tips and tricks on how to become an efficient professional.

Do your clients manage websites independently or ask you to manage them?

Usually, I collect websites in my account, and after that, I go to the support. I tell clients that they can edit everything independently, but I don’t recommend doing so. The website support is not free. I explain that everything is pretty simple, even record guides if required. But some people are afraid to “break something”. 

*Reminder from Weblium: with the latest update, you can transfer a website from your account to the client’s, even if the website has a free or trial subscription.

What advice would you give novice users who started working with Weblium?

You need to read the main articles in the help center. Also, don’t hesitate to write to the support team because you can get beneficial responses. In my case, all issues were solved quickly.

Also, I recommend you examine websites created with Weblium and templates, which can be used to gather inspiration. Look at your colleagues’ websites, and everything will be fine. 

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What plans for the future do you have?

Opening a small design studio. These are not the closest plans, but I am trying to achieve this goal. 

In conclusion

We hope that this review was helpful for anyone who wants to start creating turnover websites.

With the help of Weblium, you can create professional and reliable websites for your clients. Create your first Weblium website right now, and soon, you will start your journey toward achieving your dream job. 

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