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Entrepreneur vs intrapreneur
Entrepreneurs are often driven by the desire to create new services and products. Following his desires, he comes up with an idea, develops it, runs ahead, and never stops looking for valuable solutions to common problems. He invests his personal knowledge capital and energy to achieve a successful result. You need to understand that there is no one clear model of entrepreneurship, it all depends on the specific person and his personal qualities. Intrapreneur - this is the name of an in-house entrepreneur who works not for himself, but in the staff of the company and for its benefit. Intrapreneurs are creative people who are passionate about sharing new ways to solve questions and problems. The only difference is that they operate within a specific company and not alone. Companies do not have a formal intrapreneur position, so the philosophy of this approach can be applied to any role in the organization. Entrepreneur vs intrapreneur: what is the best? Both people should be on your team. The entrepreneur runs a personal company. They have absolute will and duty - for the best or for the bad. An intrapreneur is responsible for innovation in an existing organization (usually a large one). Athough entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs work in very different environments, many of their skills and job roles overlap.