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SEO is a set of methods, techniques, and strategies aimed at showing search engines your site content is worth ranking in the top search results for the relevant queries.

Skype vs Discord
Skype is a program for communication all over the world. It is possible to carry out group, personal, and also share files. Many companies around the world use Skype to organize business meetings online. Discord is a platform for audio and video calls, which positions furniture as the best platform for communicating with friends, especially during online games. A distinctive feature is the ability to create your own mini-community - interest groups. Skype vs Discord: what is the best? Use Discord to negotiate during games, create interest groups and alsp for usual video and group calls. Skype is also good for video and group calls and for business too.

Strategy vs plan
A plan is usually a list of steps to achieve a specific goal for which the plan is drawn up. A plan solves such issues like how, when, where, who, and what. drawing up a plan greatly simplifies the achievement of goals, since we see what needs to be done to achieve them. A strategy is bigger than a plan. The strategy answers the question why? It has a lot of volume and considers the end result, as well as many paths to the desired result. When drawing up a strategy, you need to be prepared that something will go wrong and can be changed if needed. The strategy considers all possible influencing factors, both visible and unforeseen, and takes into account the situation as a whole, and not just one final result. Strategy vs plan: These things are inseparable. You need to understand that any strategy will thus consist of several plans. A strategy coordinates plans to achieve a set goal.