Where to Find Inspiration for Website Creation? TOP 20 Resources

Where to Find Inspiration for Website Creation? TOP 20 Resources

The content is created, the website builder is chosen, and the structure is agreed upon. The only thing left is to sit down and create a magnificent design that will be unique and functional, which is very important. This is the moment when we start to think about what fonts, colors, and visual elements to choose.

But sometimes, the inspiration can leave us. What to do next? To find references that will give you not only inspiration but also fascinating solutions that will perfectly complement your future website. “Inspiration, inspo” — everyone speaks about them. But what does this design term mean? Learn it further in the article. 

What is an inspo?

Inspo is an example that is used for inspiration or as a base while creating the design. It is important to keep in mind that using such references should be a starting point, not just copying someone else’s idea.

The designer has to use them only to brainstorm and find his style. It will help create a unique design. 

20 Best Websites to Find Inspiration

Examples of websites built with Weblium

website design inspiration

The collection of favorite websites created by Weblium users. Here, you will see how to use Weblium for your own projects. Of course, there are not all the websites, but the compilation can inspire you to create your own masterpieces. 


web design inspiration

The compilation of websites that is constantly updated and contains a convenient filter by styles and tags. The library contains flawless but simple websites with a perfect typography. 


website design ideas

A library with examples of digital product design. The resource will make the idea-gathering for your future websites and the overall art process simpler and more fun. 

Page Collective 

website inspiration

Here, you will find landing pages — a lot of landing pages. This website for design inspiration offers ideas for implementing different elements on a website, such as the first screen, timeline, and feedback.

Muzli Search

design inspiration websites

This is a convenient system for finding interesting ideas for designers that will help you constantly find inspiration. The search works by colors, keywords, or style.

Web Design Inspiration 

sites web design

A lot of ideas for your next website are gathered in one place. Use a convenient filter to separate websites by industry, style, and colors. Get inspired and create websites faster without stress. 


website for design inspiration

The platform specializes in showcasing websites that experiment with design, interactivity, and content using new methods. If you want a unique and original website, you should definitely use this site. 

Brutalist Websites

inspirational website design

Brutalism can be classified by geometric, monolith, and block appearance. If you are a fan of brutalism, this library should be your must-have resource for finding website inspiration. All the websites here are great and truly represent the brutalism style.

Lapa Ninja 

website designs for inspiration

The collection of incredible landing pages. The base is updated daily and divided into a lot of categories, such as typography-based, gradient-based, or retro websites. There is also an option to filter websites by colors, which will be useful if you need to see certain colors on the real website. 


inspiration websites

Convenient and popular platform to demonstrate and publish projects, and it is also a unique site with website inspos. Here, you can find art projects by the best designers worldwide. Including a large number of active users, you will find inspiration in any style: starting from museums and to IT startups. 


web inspiration

Easy and convenient service to find inspiration. Due to convenient filters, the search for the required style takes only a couple of clicks. The websites that inspire — it is how this service can be described. 

websites for design inspiration

This is a base of design projects from all over the world. Here, you can find colleagues, find inspiration from their projects, and find something for your future websites. Overall, Dribbble is a unique art community that can give you artistic growth. 

SaaS Pages

websites inspiration

The collection of landings focused on copywriting and design. Filter websites by blocks, such as hero, navbar, cta, etc. It is important to mention that you can find only SaaS websites, but their minimalism and universality allow you to analyze them and find new creative ideas. 

SaaS Landing Page

website designs inspiration

Discover the best landing page examples created by first-class SaaS companies and get ideas and inspiration for your next design project. It is a great website for design inspiration. 


website design inspirations

Here, you will find innovative websites from well-known website designers, developers, and agencies. This is a place where professionals in the design industry gather for communication and inspiration, experience exchange, and constructive feedback.


inspiring website designs

The gallery of the best mobile websites. The compilation demonstrates the necessity of website adaption for smartphones and the use of mobile-first approach. All the websites are extremely original, fascinating, and creative. Create the same sites, and you will definitely be in this compilation. 

Design Inspiration

inspiration website

Don’t know what you are looking for? Do you think that tens of websites will not amaze you? Use a different path. Try looking through a lot of different design variations until you find something interesting to you. Gain inspiration in art projects, photos, illustrations, etc. 


web design inspirations

This is a platform with great Ukrainian websites selected by professionals. Get inspired and fascinated using one platform. The service is different, due to the fact that 90% of the websites here are made in Ukrainian language. It would be great if you wanted to find interesting fonts.


web design inspiration sites

This is not a library of websites but a site with a lot of magazine covers. But in most cases, they remind you of websites so that you can find inspiration even there. A great cover is one that will catch your attention immediately and will make you grab the magazine and read it. Your website should be like that. 

How do you get inspired with websites and not just copy them?

Finding websites for web design is not a challenge, especially if you use the service compilation we provided. However, using them properly is much harder. So here are several tips that will help you with managing references you’ve gathered. 

  • Focus on the conception. Don’t 100% copy the website you liked, but try to understand the main conception. What makes the website effective and attractive to you? The answer is the concept that you can change and edit in order to use it on your site. 
  • Think about users. The target audience and its demands are crucial. Your design has to be not only appealing, but functional and convenient for users. If the website is beautiful, but not functional, it will make no use in the future. 
  • Get inspired by the surroundings. Watch movies, read magazines, subscribe to interesting people, and visit exhibitions. This way, you will be able to expand your horizons and find more ideas in different areas.

The conclusion

We hope that our compilation with websites for web designers will help you create unique and functional websites. Keep in mind that any new idea consists of several other ideas. Without thousands of website pages created before, it would be hard to create something from scratch. The truth is in the combining, composting, and rethinking of existing design solutions. 


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