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Launching a mobile website is a must for every business. Facts speak for themselves:

Tips and tricks for a creating a mobile website

An average user spends 69% of their media time on mobile devices.

57% of users will not recommend a website with poorly designed mobile version.


8 in 10 customers stop engaging with the content that isn’t properly displayed on a smartphone.


88% of users, who find a local business via mobile search, visit it within 24 hours.


Start with thinking through your mobile website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective mobile website that we’ve done for you

Homepage design is crucial.

Remember two principles: to use the responsive design and to display the important content first. By choosing this strategy, you will not need to develop a separate website for mobile devices. Let them coexist happily.

Add important features to your mobile website

Quick loading

Take care of an impatient user. It it takes more than three seconds before a page starts loading, you risk to lose a visitor.

Optimized images

If the images weight too much, you fail to fulfill the first requirement. This is why uploading the separate pictures of the proper format for mobile and desktop versions is a wise decision

Simple navigation

The menu should be comprehensible and convenient. Users don’t want to go through mazes before they find a necessary page. They want clear sitemap that doesn’t take much time to figure it out.

Native maps

Besides clear contacts, it is significant to provide a built-in map with a convenient zoom and scrolling. Otherwise, a user will leave for other app or just leave your website.

Correct formats

Mind the formats of mobile devices – use optimized multimedia, forget about flash animations, pay attention to tables and popup windows. All these little things matter. If you fail to manage several of them, get ready for a real catastrophe.

Integration with social media.

Start with built-in icons, which lead to the official social networks. Fill in meta tags and descriptions to make sure the links are displayed correctly.

Final touch: nice-to-have mobile website features

Large text and buttonsThe text should be easy to read regardless of screen size. Buttons should be big enough to click on them without efforts.
No endless scrollingArrange everything in a compact way. The more a user has to scroll, the quicker they are going to leave your website.
Proper image formattingForget about the detailed infographics with tiny elements that are hard to distinguish on a screen. Remember to add a zoom-in feature for a detailed look at the visual content. 
Well-designed touch elementsDon’t locate buttons or links too close to each other. If users fail to open a page they need or press the right button, they won’t stay long with you. 

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