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Over half of millennials prefer to purchase everything online – from groceries to artworks, from electronics to clothes. It sounds like the right time to check out store templates. Bring your plans on launching a shopping website into life. But don’t hurry to leave Weblium: users can discover the collection of store templates here. We are certain that there is no need to spend much time on inventing brand new website examples. Firstly, there is hardly anything breakthrough we can come up with. Secondly, it is more efficient to focus on particular improvements than to build a website from scratch. We offer to select one of the eye-catching Weblium store templates and let Weblium developers customize it according to your preferences. Wix store templates offer much flexibility and enough room for experiments. Select a preferable platform, administrator control panel, basket type, etc. Integrate preferable payment methods, shipping options, viewing modes, etc. And the most important thing: Wix store templates never set limits for goods you are planning to sell.