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Ecommerce potential of Weblium

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Ready-made templates

There are about 300 website templates in our collection. You may choose any of them to create an online store. Moreover, our templates are suitable for any business idea you have. And they automatically adapt to any screen size so that your store displays correctly on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

how to start a online store

Online store in 1 day

Create an online store today. You will get a full-fledged e-commerce website with a product catalog, content, and SEO settings. Just choose a template for your website from our templates collection and start working. Make sure how easy it is to build a website on Weblium.

make an online store

Orders management

All information about your clients' orders is collected carefully in your account's "Orders" section. You can set up email or Telegram notifications to let you or staff know when a customer makes an order.

how to start an online store

Store on top

With SEO settings for product and category pages, your site will quickly rank high in Google. Our SEO tools include meta tags, alt tags, keywords, friendly URLs, and an SSL certificate for all websites you have.

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Free online store website templates

Christmas decoration shop

Leathercraft shop

Home plants store

How to create an online store


Choose a ready-made template and customize it

The "Online Store" category contains website templates with a ready-made structure and blocks. Choose the ones that suit you the most. To customize the template, change its color palette, fonts, and buttons styles.


Fill your site with products

Each product has its own web page, which is called a product card. On Weblium, you may add to your online store as many product cards as you wish. Your next step is writing a text to describe the product's key features and upload its images or video reviews. After that, you need to indicate the product's name, article, price, and status on the product card.


Set up the payment process

You can change the order form to make it more suitable for your needs. We also recommend connecting a payment service to the site so that the client can pay for the goods online.


Design your homepage

Add a product block to the main page. Choose the most suitable product to display there. It may be bestsellers or new, unusual items. You may custom product blocks by adding unique backgrounds, sliders, or animations.


Publish and promote

Your online store is ready to publish! Tell the world and all of your potential customers about your store, start promoting it. First, link your website to Google My Business and specify a service region: that will help to increase your store's visibility in Google. Your second step is setting up paid ads, targeted advertising, and content marketing.

Still have questions?

Check a brief video about how to launch an online store

Your online store awaits you here!

Building an online store helps you to:


Attract new customers using digital marketing channels


Expand your business geography and enter the global market


Increase profits


Increase the stability of your business via online sales


Provide complete information about the products, describing all their advantages


Offer 24/7 access to your assortment


Improve communication with the target audience by adding opportunities for online ordering


Sales automation: all orders and their statuses are in one place


Increase store awareness and credibility

How to find your niche?

In other words, how can you understand what to sell and who is your target audience?

Focus on your interests

What do you like to do in your free time? What are you good at? What do you study? What special skills or knowledge do you have? Answers to these questions will help you identify a suitable niche for you.

Find out what's trending now

Google Trends is perfect for this. Even if you already know what products to sell, try to search them in Google Trends too. With its help, you can analyze not only the frequency of relevant search requests but their seasonality. That allows you to understand how many people are interested in your products.

Try to explore a new niche for yourself

Start with simple market research, analyzing how your potential competitors work. Pay attention to their website design, pricing, and bestsellers.

Solve customer problems

People want to buy things cheaper, quicker, easier. Think about how you can achieve these goals with your store. To do that, you need to make purchases in competitors' stores and see for yourself what difficulties their clients face. Then give your customers a decision, and they gladly stay with you for a long time.

Weblium helps you to build the best online store

5 the most important online store pages

01. Homepage

People visit this page most often than others, so it must be eye-catching. It also has to contain important information for clients, including a brief business description, contacts, work principles, etc. It also would be great to add on the Homepage your best or newest products to attract even more attention.

02. Store

This page contains all the products that you have added to your website. Product categories are also located there. Such categories include a group of products with similar features.

03. About us

If you want, you may tell about yourself and your business on this page. The purpose of such a story is to convince clients that you experienced and are worthy of trust.

04. Blog

It is not a separate page, since a blog is a whole section of a website that contains many different pages. Use your blog as a marketing tool to drive traffic and sell your products.

Ready-made integrations

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ready-made integrations

Weblium allows adding additional plugins to your website to expand its functionality


Weblium customers’ feedback

Find out why over 130,000 website creators have opted for Weblium

  • Illustration

    Pam Knight

    Marketing Specialist

Amazing platform, super easy to use and fabulous support team who never give up on you until they find a solution for you, even if you are being a tad thick! It’s a relatively new platform but has surprisingly few problems, and those that come up are solved quickly and efficiently and since I am one to really push the boundaries, if anyone was going to find the glitches it would be me! Well done Team Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Jacquey Dougherty

    President at Dougherty Financial Consultants, Inc.

Weblium created a very professional website for my Insurance Agency/Accounting Firm business. When I indicated that I wanted to be able to add news items/blogs on a regular basis, they were extremely patient with me in training me how to do it. They took the time to send me videos that were extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. When I have a question, I email it and a consistent member of the staff gets back to me literally right away. I highly recommend Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Hillary Moon

    Hillary Moon Performance Art

I had a Facebook page but wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Weblium's offer, it seemed too good to be true at first. But Weblium did a great job! They built the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10.

  • Illustration

    Kate Goncharova

    Mimodels Management

We decided to create a website since it’s the best way to showcase your talents in modeling business. Weblium created a site that both meets our expectations perfectly and is pretty simple to manage on your own. I can vouch for the quality of this service


  • How much does it cost to create a website?

    The cost of a simple e-commerce site in a web studio starts at $ 300. Creating a website using CMS is not cheaper, too, as you need to face additional costs such as buying a domain, hosting, and plugins to expand your website's functionality. With Weblium, you can create an online store for free and use it for two weeks. After that, you should purchase the Pro subscription for only $8.25 per month.

  • How long does it take to build a website on your own?

    Terms of website creation depend on the number of products and pages that need to be added to the website. Therefore, the time of online store creation is determined individually. It can take an hour or less to build an e-commerce website using Weblium.

  • I have no experience in e-commerce website creation. Will be Weblium suitable for me?

    Absolutely! Our site builder is suitable for both beginners and professionals. It provides ready-made templates and blocks that allow you to launch your online store very quickly. All you have to do is choose the appropriate e-commerce template, upload your products and start selling.

  • What payment methods can I add to the website?

    Stripe, LiqPay, PayPal, iDeal, and others are currently available for connection. You can also set up the payment manually by entering the details in the order form. Don't forget to add detailed instructions for the clients to let them know payment details.

  • Does Weblium have any restrictions on adding products to an online store?

    No, there are no restrictions. You can add as many products as you need. The site builder will automatically create an individual page for each product.

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