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Is launching another online store a good idea?Let’s take a look at numbers:

Tips and tricks for a creating a retail website


of millenials prefer online stores to traditional shopping.


of males and 33% of females aged 18-34 would ideally buy everything online.
57% of shoppers have bought stuff from overseas retailers in past 6 months.


of reviewers rate 5 stars to online stores they use. Ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021.

Start with thinking through your online store homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective online store that we’ve done for you

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Special offers

Start with communicating your main benefits. Place promos and special offers first so visitors will bump into them and feel excited from the first seconds.

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To make positive first impressions last longer, show previews of main categories. Provide an easy access to those products by integrating into homepage design.

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Do you have sales points in the city? If yes, pin the map with locations below. If no, scroll down and get ready to add some more pages.

Create retail website

In 2018, we have got really interesting trends in web design that will be relevant in the next few years. We are talking about minimalism, the focus on usability, high website loading speed and the modern design that is adapted to multiple devices.
Follow these tips in order to create retail website that will earn you millions.

1. Flat design 2.0This approach is based on several important principles like strict 2D design (no shadows, textures, gradients, etc.), bold and bright colors, striving for minimalism.2. Mobile Commerce OrientationThe use of adaptive design allows you to give your visitors perfect user experience when they access your website from smartphones, tablets and almost any kind of gadgets.3. Images that sellMost site visitors have a very low concentration of attention when they are viewing the content. Using high-quality photos of the product and creating visually appealing content can be the key to success in e-commerce!4. Clean white backgroundsThis allows you to highlight the content of the site and avoid confusion. The CTA’s become brighter, and the photos become a bit more alive! 5. Popup windowsPop-ups have proven to be an effective conversion tool. Marketers actively use them in online stores. It is necessary to make popups bring some benefit to users and they will respond positively. For example, offer a coupon for a discount or participation in the promotion.
The popups should not appear immediately, but only after a certain time, the visitor has been on the website.

Use Weblium to create retail website now - get an effective sales tool within just 72 hours! The prices for the websites include the costs of hosting and domain. 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result!

Final touch: nice-to-have online store pages


Loyal customers expect to get some perks. Offer them to subscribe to a newsletter and receive notifications about specialties. Add some thrill as you announce trendy new products coming and invite customers to join!


How about a hall of fame for your retailers? They will appreciate, while customers will understand better what they are buying.


Whether you sell appliances, foods or clothes, there are always some useful tips to share. Communicate with your audience, prepare interesting materials and invite them to stay with you longer.

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