Our pricing is simple

With Weblium, you always get a website at the price you know in advance. No hidden fees.

Creating a website

$399 paid once for design and development


What's included?

  • Interactive Website Structure No credit card required at a structure step. You pay after understanding how your website will look like.
  • Design and code by your requests up to 20 pages
  • 2 reviews iterations
  • All devices responsive platform
  • SEO_1
    Basic SEO

Latest projects

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Hosting and updates subscription

Choose a subscription plan
What is subscription? Access to website editor (CMS), Google Cloud hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, unlimited storage, free images and icons pack, personal manager with 24/7 live support. And all product updates - new designs, blocks, integrations etc.


Ideal for short promo campaigns



Select plan

Anually + free domain name

Save $54 when pay in advance
$126 per year



Select plan

Biennially + free domain name

Get maximum savings equally $162
$198 per 2 years



Select plan

We can do even more

We’ll gladly provide additional services on demand

Basic logo design

We have extensive experience and 10 000+ completed projects

Webmaster hours

There's always a guy for that! Any changes or integrations in any of your websites on your request
$ 50 / 5-hour pack

Business e-mail

One domain address at $ 15 / year


We create exclusive content to ensure the best experience both for visitors of your website and search engines

Additional pages

If you need more than 20 pages – we charge
$ 20 / 10 extra pages
(volume discounts apply)

High-res images

No need to hire a photo studio. We will find you the most suitable photos at $ 5 / image


We've got answers to questions you may want to ask

What does the do-it-for-me approach mean?

The "do-it-for-me" approach takes the best of both worlds, combining the studio with lean-methodology of website development.

On the one hand, our website builder with integrated design systems automates the routine processes, where there’s no need for creativity. On the other hand, our designers create the site, according to your wishes and requirements. As a result, you get a mobile-friendly website with an individual design, SSL-certificate, and Google Cloud hosting.

Besides, every site is built on the basis of niche market research, ensuring a solid online presence.

What is the difference between Weblium and a classic website builder?

Classic website builders take a do-it-yourself approach, meaning that you have to create the website either yourself or hire a third-party contractor.

In contrast, Weblium works on a do-it-for-me basis. Our designers create a website for you and only then transfer it to your account, where you can manage and edit it on your own.

This makes website creation much easier and safer. Besides, you’ll never see any ads on your website because we want to please you, not advertisers.

I already have a website. Can I just buy a subscription and host your website on your platform?

No, Weblium only supports websites created on our platform. We can, however, create a website similar to the one you have.

Is a domain and SSL-certificate included in the subscription cost?

Yes, the subscription includes a domain name under $15 with .org, .net, .com extensions. We can also provide a domain name with another extension upon request unless its value exceeds $15. If you want to buy a more expensive domain name, you will have to pay the difference or buy it yourself.
In terms of SSL-certificates, we have a partnership with Let’s Encrypt and every website created with Weblium will get an SSL-certificate automatically.

What is a 100% money back guarantee?

We will give your money back if you are not satisfied with the website we create. Mind, however, that you can get a full refund before you approve the second revision of your website.

How can I order a website?

To order a website, please complete this form. We’ll then contact you to understand your needs and create a website structure for free. If everything is OK with the structure, we’ll kindly ask to make a deposit payment so that we can proceed to design. You’ll then have 2 revisions of website design, during which we’ll modify the website. Once you approve the final version, we’ll transfer the website to your account and connect your domain name to it. After that, you’ll take control of your website.

Do I need a credit card details to order a website?

You won’t need a credit card until you approve a free website structure. You’ll need to connect a credit card and make a deposit payment only when you want us to proceed to design.

Do I need to pay for the only structure?

No, we build a website structure for free. You’ll only need to pay when you approve the structure and want us to proceed to design.

How can I order additional services for my website (e.g. integrations, webmaster hours, copywriting)?

As soon as you complete a form to order a site, our website setup experts will contact you to learn all the details. You can tell them about any additional services you nee

How can I contact your support team?

You can contact them via online chat on our website (blue button in the bottom-right corner) or via email at moc.muilbew%40troppus.

Website structure. What is it and how can I get it?

It a black&white structure of the main page of your future website with the blocks and elements you want to have. You can get it by completing a form to order a website. The structure can be either created live during a chat with our website setup expert or created and sent to you via email/phone.

The most important benefit is that you get a ready-to-use website structure for free, while it normally costs from $50 to $300.

When can I choose the type of subscription?

You will be able to choose the type of subscription after you approve the website structure. The chosen subscription amount will be added to the deposit you need to pay before we proceed to design.
To prevent your website from going offline, your subscription will renew automatically when your current subscription period ends. You’ll be charged on the date that you subscribed initially. The recurring subscription period will equal the subscription period you chose initially. You’ll be charged using the payment method that you chose when signing up.

What should I do if my recurring subscription payment failed? Will my website go offline?

Don’t worry. In case your subscription payment fails, you can contact our support team in chat or via email at moc.muilbew%40troppus. We’ll help you fix the issue. Besides, we give you a 1-month grace period, meaning that your website will be online for 1 month after the end of subscription.


If you are planning on visiting us it’s advisable to call ahead for and appointment. We got some beer in case you need to wait.