Do you have a free plan?
Yes. You can get free 14-days trial to estimate all the advantages offered by Growth Plan. Notice you are able to get free trial just once, so use it wisely.
Why should I choose Weblium among others?
Weblium is more than just a site builder. This is a huge ecosystem where numerous experts work as a single mechanism to ensure your success.
There are three basic reasons why you should consider us:
  • Niche expertise. We have analyzed more than a hundred niche websites to implement the best practices. So starting a site you will get checklist that will help to make your online presence effective.
  • The fastest platform that produces fast sites. The time that you spend on making your website is important. But the most important that you will get a fast website, as page speed is a critical factor for search engines to keep your site on first positions.
  • Full-option concepts. A concept is not just a website template. You get a structured site with maximum elements that you may need. Just remove unnecessary items and your site is ready for launch.
Get 14-day free trial and you will find more reasons to love us.
Can I pay month-to-month and what payment methods do you have?
Yes, you may choose how to pay monthly, annually or biennially. Currently, you could pay with PayPal or by credit card.
Do I need to pay for hosting and domain name additionally?
No. The Growth Plan includes free hosting with unlimited storage space and bandwidth. You will also get domain name for one year as a gift on annual or biennial subscription. So there is no need to take care about this additionally. You can also connect already registered domain name to your site.
If I decide to cancel my subscription, will you give my money back?
We have a 100% no hassle refund policy within 14 days of your initial subscription payment.
I have no idea how to start my site building, will you help me?
Our setup experts will answer all your questions and help with issues that may occur. If you are not sure how to start your site, you will get free expert assistance and step-by-step instruction how make your online presence successful.
Please feel free to contact us:
or call us: +1 855 932 54 86.
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