Barber Shop Websites: Free Templates

How to create a barbershop website?

  1. Log in and select the template
  2. Add content and edit your template
  3. Create new pages
  4. Configure SEO Settings
  5. Add CTA and contact forms
  6. Connect analytics metrics
  7. Check your website
  8. Create a blog
  9. Show your barber website to the world

So, check the free barbershop template

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If you ‘re sure that you’re a talented barber but you have few customers, it means that you do not have a website.

Of course, you have heard a lot about the fact that the creation of a high-quality and competitive website will require a large investment of time and money… BUT! Today there are website designers – which means that you can create your site simply, inexpensively, and launch it tomorrow, attracting new customers! Just be sure to pick up the right barbershop website template!

When creating your perfect barbershop website, follow these proven tips:

  • dark noble colors are as neutral as possible and do not cause unnecessary associations, therefore they are ideal for creating a “special space for men”;
  • expressive typography used in your barbershop website template conveys your message and evokes the necessary associations no worse than photographs;
  • broken grid with overlaying images can create a unique experimental design;
  • monochrome icons are visually attractive and perfectly fit into the design of any barbershop website template;
  • brutalism is a concept designed to grab attention, shock the audience with straightforwardness and encourage decisive action;
  • negative space helps to create a minimalist style and looks especially fresh when filling the free field with bright colors, geometric shapes, and patterns;
  • elements with built-in animation appearing when interacting with elements on the page unobtrusively help the user to browse the website and wait until the content is fully loaded;
  • full-size photos as the main background of your barbershop website template attract attention and make the site memorable.

If you want to go the simplest way, but at the same time get complete freedom to realize your wildest ideas – try Weblium!

Professional Weblium templates are created following the most relevant trends in web design (the structure and design of each of them are developed based on an in-depth study of the world’s best sites in a particular niche), and advanced design customization options allow you to make your site truly unique!


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