Weblium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Weblium Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


About Weblium

1. What is Weblium?

Weblium is a do-it-for-me website builder, which eases your frustration of creating a website. We’ll build your site and teach you how to manage it yourself in an intuitive editor.

When you order a site on Weblium, you’ll get everything needed for your business to thrive online, including hosting, domain name, SSL-certificate, unlimited storage for your data, etc.

2. What are the advantages of Weblium?

  • Do-it-for-me website builder. We build your website, you manage it yourself in an intuitive editor.
  • Niche expertise. We have created over 2.5 million websites for hundreds of niches and now implement the best practices into every website we create.
  • Fast websites. Google states that page speed is one of the most critical factors for page ranking. Your site created on Weblium will be fast by default and score over 90/100 in Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • Compatibility guarantee. According to Ericsson research, about 90% of traffic will come from smartphones by the end of 2021. That’s why we think about mobile users first while creating your website. Therefore, Weblium sites shine brilliantly on every screen from a little smartphone to a huge plasma TV.
  • Reliable hosting. All websites created on Weblium will be hosted on Google Cloud, which has a proof of security and reliability.
  • Money-back guarantee. We will give your money back if you are not satisfied with the result.
  • Profound assistance. You can turn to our certified web experts who have substantial experience in website building and are ready to help you anytime.
  • User-friendly website editor. As soon as you get your website, you’ll be able to manage and edit it yourself in an intuitive admin panel without coding.

3. Is it not better to order a website from a regular web design studio?

You can order a website from a regular web design studio but it will cost times more while the creation will take a lot of time. Thus, you need to weigh up all the pros and cons before making a decision.

4. Why are Weblium services so fast and affordable?

We build all websites on our own platform, which allows us to cut costs and speed up site creation significantly. Moreover, our websites are provided on a subscription basis so we do everything possible to please every customer so that you stay with us longer.

5. Is there any hidden advertising on your websites?

Nope. You will never see any ads on your website because we want to please you, not advertisers.

Structure building

1. How do you create a structure for my website? Can I be sure that it will be effective for my business?

Your website structure will be built by qualified setup experts who have niche expertise in creating websites for more than 50 industries and ready to implement the best practices into your website.

Thanks to the prior research, we already know what pages and blocks your website should have. Thus, you can be sure that the structure you get will work effectively and will help you to achieve business goals.

2. Can I use the structure to create a website on another platform?

Yes, you can. The most important benefit of ordering it on Weblium is that you get a ready-to-use website structure for free, while it normally costs from $50 to $300. If you’re still not sure whether it is worth to create a website on Weblium, you are welcome to take ready structure and check the prices of website creation from web design agencies, studios, freelancers before making a decision.

3. Why do I have to pay for some grey website structure without visual design?

This a mockup of your website, which hasn’t been designed so as not to distract from the essence. It can be used as a basis for website design, according to your preferences and requirements.

Besides, this is not a payment but a deposit for website setup which you can get back if you are not happy with the result.

4. When can I get a refund for the website structure?

You can get your money back before you approve the second revised version of your website structure.

How it all works

1. Client’s needs investigation

First, we are clarifying why our client needs a website; what result do they expect to have after they have a website; what information they want to add/show on the website; what functionality is required.  

2. Structure creation

After we have an understanding of what kind of a website our client is looking for we are preparing a black&white structure of the main page with the approximate blocks our client wants to have. The structure is being created in a live chat by a sales agent or by email/phone (in the night time we ask for clients contact details and offer them structure created and sent later by our representative)

3. Payment submission  

After the structure is confirmed by a client we should request them to proceed with a subscription payment

4. First demo creation

The next step after payment is the preparation of the first demo. The first demo is being prepared based on the structure created for a client before (preferably with the content added to it which should be provided by a client if available) and design preferences if any

5. Demo revision

Our clients have a possibility to request a revision of a prepared demo 2 times for FREE. Here we are talking about significant revision with the clear list of all amendments to be done. Some not considerable changes will not be included in these 2 revisions and will be completed for a client by our specialists.

6. Demo approval – domain name and hosting process

Only after all the revisions are completed and the client is fully satisfied with a website created – it will be connected to a domain we provide for free (in case of client already has a domain name, it can be used as well) and hosted on Google Cloud.

Website setup and editing

1. How much does the website setup cost?

The standard fee for the website setup is $399.

2. What does the website setup include?

The standard website setup means the creation of your website based on a template. As part of it, we will make design changes, according to your preferences and requirements (fonts, color palette, website structure), add your own content, make initial SEO settings, and connect your website to web analytics tools.

3. Will you create my website using a template?

It depends. We can make a website using a template if you like one of those we offer. Otherwise, we can make a website from scratch based on your requirements.

4. Will my website be unique?

Yes. Your website will be customized, according to your preferences and requirements. As a result, you will get a completely unique website.

5. What types of websites can I order on Weblium?

We can create any website that doesn’t require a content management system (CMS). The most common websites that we create include informational websites, portfolio sites, lead generation websites, business card websites, etc.

If you have an unusual request, please contact us at support@weblium.com or in chat. We’ll consider the request individually.

6. Can I create an online store on Weblium?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an e-commerce module with an active shopping cart at the moment. However, we can add PayPal and Stripe payment buttons to your goods so that customers could buy them directly.

7. Can I create a blog on Weblium?

Unfortunately, we don’t create web blogs at the moment.

8. Can I create a news portal on Weblium?

Unfortunately, we do not create news portals.

9. How many web pages can you create as part of the standard website setup?

We can create up to 20 pages within the standard website setup. If the number of pages you need exceeds 20, their creation will cost you extra. The total price will be discussed individually for each order and will be based on the complexity of content and website structure.

10. How many times can I revise the website before getting the final version?

Our standard website setup allows you to make 2 revisions of your site for free.

If you want to make any additional changes to your website, you will first have to pay for the website setup and subscription. After that, you will be able to make the changes yourself or order additional webmaster hours, and we will make them for you.

11. Can I edit my website when it’s ready?

Yes. You will get access to a user-friendly editor to change any information on your website, add or delete content. No coding will be required.

12. Are there any limits to content uploaded to my website?

No. You will get unlimited storage so you can upload whatever content you need.

13. Who will be the owner of my website?

You will own the website, including all the content created for and by you. Weblium will only make your website easy to maintain, make sure it is secure and store a backup copy in case of an emergency.

You can even resell your website to any other person. All you need is to update the new owner’s details in your Weblium account. For more information, read our Terms of Use.


1. What is the difference between the website setup fee and subscription fee?

You will have to pay for the website set up only once, while the subscription fee is a recurring payment.

2. When should I pay for the subscription?

You should pay for the subscription-only after you approve the draft version of your main page. You will also be asked to give your feedback and we’ll finish the rest of the website taking it into account.

3. What does the subscription include?

The subscription to Weblium includes:

  • Hosting on Google Cloud
  • Domain name
  • SSL-certificate
  • Support by setup experts
  • Access to the user-friendly website editor
  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Analytics, marketing & SEO tools
  • Access to 200k free images library

4. What subscription plans are available?

There are three subscription plans available:

  • Monthly – $15 per month
  • Annual – $10.5 per month ($126 billed annually)
  • Biennial – $8.25 per month ($198 billed biennially)

5. How can I pay for the subscription? What if there is no payment method that suits me?

We support Stripe and PayPal payments. If neither of them suits you, contact your personal success manager, write to us at support@weblium.com or in chat. We’ll try to find a solution.

6. Should I buy 2 subscriptions if I need 2 websites?

Yes, you should buy a subscription every time you order a new website.

7. How can I pay for the next subscription period?

To prevent your website from going offline, your subscription will renew automatically when your current subscription period ends. You’ll be charged on the date that you subscribed initially. The recurring subscription period will equal the subscription period you chose initially. You’ll be charged using the payment method that you chose when signing up.

8. How can I cancel the subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on demand. To unsubscribe, please send a request at support@weblium.com

We’ll review your request and cancel your subscription within 48 hours upon receiving it.

NOTE: You will not be billed for the subscription after canceling it. However, you will be able to use Weblium until the end of the then-current subscription period.


1. Are there any quality guarantees?

Yes, we charge for success only. You will not have to pay until you approve the draft version of your main page.

2. What do you mean by a 100% money-back guarantee?

The money-back-guarantee applies to annual and biennial subscription only.

You can get a 100% refund within the first 14 days of getting a complete website.

If you want to get your money back after the first 14 days, we will retain a part of the refund amount. The retained amount will include $399 for website setup and $15 for every month of the subscription used. You cannot request a refund for partial months of use.

If you have ordered a website with free website setup and want to get a refund, $99 for the website setup will be deducted from the refund amount.

For example: On 3 April, you got a complete website, paid $399 for the website setup and $126 for the annual subscription ($525 in total). You can request a 100% refund until 17 April and get $525 back. However, if you request a refund on 28 April, we will deduct $399 for website setup and 15$ for the first month of use from the refund amount. In this case, you will get $111 back.

3. What will happen to my website if Weblium goes out of business?

Don’t worry, we are going to stay here for a long. Even if the unlikely event happens and we have to shut down, all our clients will get copies of their websites to transfer them to other services. We do not use the vendor lock-in approach as we are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.


1. What domain name will I have before I buy the subscription to Weblium?

By default, all websites created on Weblium will have a subdomain on .weblium.site.

For example: example.weblium.site

2. Can I connect my domain name to the website?

Yes, you can connect your domain name to your website on Weblium after you pay for the subscription. Here’s a complete instruction on how to do it.

3. What domain name is included in the subscription price?

The subscription includes a domain name under $15 with .org, .net, .com, or .biz extensions. For customers from Ukraine, we can also provide a domain name with any extension within .ua domain zone. 

If you want to buy a more expensive domain name, you will have to pay the difference or buy it yourself.

If you want to buy a domain name with an extension other than those mentioned above, you will have to buy it yourself.

4. Will I be able to change a domain name in the future? How much will it cost?

Yes, you will be able to change your domain name at any time. However, you’ll need to buy a new domain name yourself.

5. What will happen to my domain name if I ask for a refund?

You can redeem the domain name that Weblium gifted you as part of the subscription after you ask for a refund. The refund amount will then be reduced by the price of your domain name.  

6. Can I transfer my domain name to another domain registrar?

All domain policies will be regulated by the terms and conditions of OpenSRS, our authorized global domain name registrar. Transfer policies may differ depending on the zone of your domain name. Please double-check this information on OpenSRS website.

7. How long should I wait until I can transfer a domain name to another registrar?’

Normally, you should wait 60 days until you can transfer your domain to another registrar. However, this period may vary depending on the domain zone where your name is registered. Check the FAQ of OpenSRS domain registrar to learn more.

8. Can I take my domain name if I decide to move my website to another platform?

Yes, you can buy it from Weblium and use it on another platform. Contact us at support@weblium.com or in chat to make a request.

9. Can I get an email address connected to my domain name after registering an account?

Yes, one email address connected to your domain name costs $15/year.


1. Where will my website be hosted?

All websites created by Weblium are hosted on Google Cloud hosting, one of the world’s fastest and most secure web hosting services.

2. Will I be able to move my website to another hosting in the future?

Yes, as an owner of your website, you will be able to do this. However, you’ll need to pay $499 for your website design and development by Weblium if you decide to migrate to another hosting.

NOTE: Contact forms on your website will be supported by Weblium, so you will not be able to use them on another platform. Please check if you can substitute them on another platform before transferring your website there.

3. Will I get access to G Suite if my website is hosted on Google Cloud?

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available.

Security and SSL-certificate

1. Will my website be secured?

Yes, every website created with Weblium will get an SSL-certificate ensuring its security.

2. What service do you use to generate an SSL-certificate for my website?

We have a partnership with Let’s Encrypt and every website created with Weblium will get an SSL-certificate automatically. Find more information here.

3. Can I backup my website?

We will always store a backup copy for you. That’s why your website will be secure even in an emergency (which is very unlikely as your site is hosted on Google Cloud, one of the most reliable web hosting services in the world).

Template-based websites

1. What is a website template?

A template on Weblium is a pre-designed website filled with sample content that could be customized while creating your personal website. These templates are created on the basis of a niche analysis of every business industry. As a result, it has a proper structure as well as maximum pages and blocks that you may need.

2. What do you mean by template customization?

Customization is the process of bringing the chosen template in line with your preferences and requirements. It may include changes in the template structure, design, and content (both text and visual).

Customization is performed according to the information you provide. Also, there are two revisions, during which you can request changes to the draft version of your website.

3. Do I need any skills in web design or development to get a website on Weblium?

No, you don’t need any skills in design or development. All you have to do is choose the template for customization, clearly communicate your preferences and requirements and add the content that you want to see on your website. The rest will be done by our professional studio.

4. How long does it take to get a complete website?

As soon as you choose a template and provide us with all the necessary information about your business, our managers will set a preliminary delivery date. Normally, customization takes up to 2 working days. However, there can be delays if you don’t provide all the necessary information or if we do not have enough of your data to start working on the website.

5. What should I do to prevent delays?

Please provide us with all the necessary information timely. Here’s a checklist of what you have to do to speed up website creation. Any information you provide will be used exclusively for creating your website. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to learn how we collect, store, and use your personal information and content.

6. How can I explain what sort of website I want?

First, you will need to complete the form with questions about the purpose of your site and business activity so that we can build the most suitable website for you. Your personal customer success manager may also get in touch with you to clarify the details. After that, you will have two revisions of the draft version of your main page, during which you can request any changes.

7. How can I explain what I need if my English is bad?

Try to use English to the extent that you understand it. If there’s something you cannot explain in English, write to us in your mother tongue and we will do everything possible to translate your request and respond to it.

8. What if I don’t like the result of website customization?

You will have two revisions, during which you can communicate what needs to be modified and add additional content.

We will ask you to pay for the website setup and subscription after you approve the draft version of your main page.

If you don’t like the final version of your site (which is unlikely:), you can get a 100% refund within the first 14 days of receiving the website.

Analytics, SEO, and extra services

1. What analytics tools can I connect to my website?

We have a direct integration with Google Analytics and Hotjar, so you can paste your tracking code into your site settings on Weblium. A tracking code from any other web analytics system can be embedded into your website code in the Integrations menu.

2. Can you integrate Google Analytics and Hotjar with my website for me?

Yes, you can either do it yourself in your Site Settings on Weblium or ask us to do it for you.

NOTE: You will need to create an account on your preferred web analytics platform and copy its tracking ID before connecting it to your website.

If you want to do it yourself, read these articles:

3. Do you help with search engine optimization (SEO)?

If you order a website on Weblium, your website setup will include initial SEO settings.

4. What do the initial SEO settings include?

We can create page slugs according to the page names on your website after you pay for the subscription. Search engine snippets will be filled with page content by default. Upon request, we can also add H1-H3 headlines to your content pages if you clearly indicate where they should be placed.

5. How do the websites create on Weblium rank in search engines?

Search engine optimization is a long process, which depends on the number of factors. Websites created on the Weblium platform will be fast and mobile-optimized by default. These are one of the most important factors for search ranking, as provided by Google. Besides, we’ll make initial SEO settings for your site to rank higher.

6. Can you help with content optimization?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide content optimization. We can only add H1-H3 headlines to your content pages if you clearly indicate where they should be placed.

7. Can you create user-friendly URLs for my web pages?

Yes, we can. You can write us URLs that you want to have on certain pages of your website.

8. Can you help to fill my website with keywords?

This option can be provided upon request and for an extra payment.

9. Can you write custom meta descriptions for me?

Unfortunately, this option is currently not available. Your search engine snippets will include part of the page content by default.

10. Can you create rich snippets for search engines?

By default, all pages will be provided with basic snippets only. Unfortunately, rich snippets are not currently available.

11. Can I order SEO optimization?

This option is not included by default. However, we can recommend trusted partners who can help you with SEO optimization.

12. Can I order setup of search ads from Weblium?

This option is not included by default. However, we can recommend trusted partners who can help you with search advertising.

13. Can I order promotion on social media from Weblium?

This option is not included by default. However, we can recommend trusted partners who can help you with SMM optimization.

14. What do webmaster hours mean? How much do you charge per hour?

We can make any changes to your website for you after it’s ready and published. This option can be provided for extra payment charged per hour. This is what we call webmaster hours. You can purchase a standard 5-hour package for $50.

15. How many webmaster hours per month will I get?

The subscription includes free support by setup experts who can explain to you how to set up everything yourself. However, if you need extra help, you can purchase webmaster hours in packages of 5 hours each. Each package will cost $50.

Website functionality

1. How will my website look on mobile devices, tablets, and widescreens?

Your website will be responsive by default, meaning that it will look equally great on all devices and screens.

2. Can you make a multi-language website? Should I pay extra for that?

The multi-language functionality is still in Beta. Therefore, we can now create multi-language websites if they consist of one page only. This option doesn’t affect the price.

3. Where can I see your 200k free images library?

Our editor is integrated with Unsplash free images library. Therefore, you may use any of the picked images on your website free of charge directly in Weblium Editor.

4. Where can I choose images for my website?

You can choose images either from the Weblium library or from other free or paid photo stocks. If you choose a paid photo, its price will be added to your total website setup fee or you can buy it yourself and send us.

NOTE: Weblium is not responsible for the intellectual property rights of the photos you use on your website apart from those added by Weblium Studio.

5. Where will a designer select images for my website?

Our designers use images from free photo libraries. However, upon request, they can also use your own photos or images from paid photo stocks. If you choose a paid photo, its price will be added to your total website setup fee or you can buy it yourself and send the photo to us.

6. Can you add a list of items for sale to my website?

Currently, there’s no full-stack e-commerce functionality with a shopping cart on Weblium and we cannot upload an XML-list at once. However, we can upload items for sale one by one and connect direct PayPal or Stripe checkout buttons to each of them.

7. Can you create a catalog of items for sale with prices without a checkout option?

Yes, we can add items for sale manually, as there’s currently no possibility to upload an XML-list of items.

8. Can you convert a template from another platform into a website on Weblium?

Yes, we can convert it if all the functionality of the chosen template is supported by Weblium.

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