Business card websites

What is a business card website?

The business card website is a website project consisting of no more than 10 pages whose main goal is to find new customers on the Web with the help of its laconic content.The main goals of an online business card are to correctly present a brand, increase its recognition, attract the attention of potential customers and receive their contacts.

What are the advantages of creating a business card website?

A business card site has many benefits not only for companies but also for individuals who want to get profits:• Saving the advertising budget and the ability to attract new customers at the minimum cost of creating and promoting. Your visitors will find you for key queries. The site’s capabilities allow you to place much more information than in an ad unit in a newspaper or magazine, booklet, flyer, price list, etc.• “Live office”, which is available 24/7. Visitors to the site, that is, potential customers, can get all the necessary information and send a query to the website at any time.• Quick start and easy site maintenance.• The ability to expand the business card website to a fully functional corporate website.• An additional source of income. If the website is highly visited, then its owner has a great opportunity to receive additional income, placing banner ads on his site.• Finally, if you have a business card website, you can run full-fledged advertising campaigns with its help. And this is not only an increase in the popularity of your brand and improving the image of the company, but also an increase in profits.To create a business card site, you can use Weblium, the progressive website builder. It offers a bunch of opportunities for creating a site for small businesses for absolutely free!

A business card is a perfect solution for:

• entrepreneurs;
• people who offer services themselves: artists, photographers, lawyers, dentists, repair technicians, and others;
• companies with a small range of services or a highly specialized service.

What information has a business card website include?

1. “About the company” page:• mention briefly the history of the development of the company of its most important achievements;• briefly describe the activities of the company;• to strengthen the trust of potential customers, it is worth publishing reviews from real customers. Ideally, these should be real customer reviews with real photos.2. Goods and services:In addition to information about services or products, it is worthwhile to publish a portfolio with photographs of the work or product done.Depending on the specifics of the business, you can offer a downloadable catalog or price list, post news. Do not forget about the feedback form!3. Contact information:Offer all contacts that will help the client to easily and quickly find your company and contact it - telephones, physical location address, e-mail, work schedule, map. Don’t forget about the integration with social networks - it is one of the best ways to maintain a “close relationship” with customers.4. If you need to find partners, create a separate page for that. Describe possible options for working with you and the certain benefits it can bring. Also, give them brief information about promotions, wholesale discounts, all sorts of special offers, if you have any.5. It is also a good idea to add an online consulting form and install a calculator widget for the site. Such things add weight to the perception of the site and are able to attract customers. To process a large number of applications/orders, you can connect a CRM system.6. We recommend adding a blog. So you increase the number of pages and text coverage of the site. This will positively affect search engine ranking.A business card website should interest people who are not familiar with your business, as well as inform existing customers about changes in the range of goods/services, prices, promotions and more!
There’s a sense for individual entrepreneurs to contact a web studio to create a business card website and pay a lot of money for its development - you can use the modern Weblium website builder for this, with which you can create a professional business card website, ready to attract customers tomorrow – moreover for absolutely free!


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