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Weblium supports volunteers and NGOs.


Weblium supports volunteers and NGOs

We declare our support. This is not an advertising campaign.

This is our Ukrainian team’s work to help the victims of the war in Ukraine, a way to support those organizing the fundraising for Ukrainian Armed Forces and information activities against the aggressor country — the Russian Federation.
This page is designed to explain the terms of free access to the Weblium platform.

To whom we provide free access

We can provide access to paid Weblium services (our Pro plan) for all those we consider "assistance for Ukraine’s Armed Forces and victims of the war in Ukraine."

1. Volunteer organizations (VO)

Who do we consider VO? Initiative individuals or groups of people who do not have the registration of a legal entity NGO (charity foundation), which:

    provide commercially uninterested assistance to IDPs and refugees as a result of the war with Russia
    organize collection of donations for humanitarian aid in official channels
    organize collection of donations for humanitarian aid provided by volunteers themselves
    organize collection of donations for the Armed Forces
    organize collection for private donations for the needs of specific groups, military units of Ukrainian Armed Forces and territorial defense

2. NGOs (non-profit organizations)

This can be a charity fund or any other type of NGO that works in support of Ukraine against the aggressor country.

3. Volunteers and organizations

Volunteers and organizations involved in the information war: creating and spreading materials on military action, which provide the most truthful and convincing material on the war crimes of the Russian military in Ukraine and others, to the unlimited number of readers all around the world.


Please note!

In the very first days after the announcement of our support for volunteers and NGOs, individuals and organizations with potentially fraudulent fundraising intentions started getting in touch with us. We try to carefully study each request, but in some cases we do not have the opportunity to be 100% sure of the veracity of the information provided. 
Therefore, Weblium disclaims any liability for any fraudulent activity on sites created on Weblium. Any fraudulent activity will be stopped on the Weblium sites, information about the detected fraud will be sent to the relevant executive agencies of Ukraine in accordance with the legal requirements of Ukraine.

Requirements for free use of Weblium

In order to speed up the decision-making process on whether to provide free access, we are asking you to:


Provide an already completed site or its layout (remember, you can create a site on Weblium for free with our Free plan) or provide a document with structure, textual content, conceptual theses of information.


Provide links to social networks with examples of charitable or informational activities that meet the above conditions for free access.


For all sites that have been granted free access to Weblium, it is mandatory to place a standard block with the Weblium logo and link in the website footer or to put the Weblium logo in the Partners section of the site and link to https://ua.weblium.com/. Weblium logos can be downloaded here.


Requirements or NGOs and charity organizations: The main and only activity of the NGO on their website has been stated to be something that can be described as "assistance to refugees and fundraising for humanitarian needs of victims of the war and for Ukrainian Armed Forces". NGOs and charity foundations that simply post a picture calling for support for war victims, but whose main activity consists of raising funds for other purposes, are not eligible for free access. Providing Weblium support with copies of registration documents: scans or photos of documents. These documents are necessary to prevent fraud. The content of the website footer should include: The name of the organization, Official address, USREOU.


We recommend that you publicly demonstrate the results of your charitable activities in your social network accounts linked to the site and on the site itself: funds raised, results of their use, photo reports of humanitarian aid to victims of hostilities, etc.


The moderator's response to the request for free access to Weblium: up to 4 working days.

Validity of the offer for volunteers and NGOs: until the end of active hostilities on the territory of Ukraine.

The period of granting free access at the discretion of the moderator: from one month to one year.

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    During the last month of the free Pro subscription, it needs to be canceled to avoid being charged for its paid renewal after the end of the free period. This must be done in the last month of the subscription. If you do this earlier, your free Pro subscription will be canceled.

For volunteer organizations, we reserve the right to mention their details ONLY provided that...

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    ...in the top part of the site, there will be a block for donations with a link to at least one of the officially approved charity organizations. Otherwise placing your bank card details, bank account details and links to cryptocurrency wallets is prohibited. If detected, the site will be blocked as a suspected fraud.

Weblium reserves the right to refuse free access to the platform without explanation.

We have already helped hundreds of projects. Join us to help Ukraine and the Armed Forces!
Glory to Ukraine!


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