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Launching an event website is importantFacts say it all:

Tips and tricks for creating an event website


of tickets to events are bought online. Event website increase the attendance by 20% and productivity by 27%.


organizations don’t rely on social media for event marketing.


of service users / product customers come from marketing events.

Start with thinking through your event website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective event website that we’ve done for you

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The homepage should provide the basic information in a laconic form. Tell about everything in a nutshell.

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Write about what is happening in a couple of sentences. Introduce the organizer and the host. Inform about date, time, and location.

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Place the form of registration on the homepage. Attendants want to register easily, no extra questions asked.

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Indicate prices. If your event is not free of charge, inform visitors straight away, even if you add this information at the bottom of the page. Form for purchasing tickets is welcome!

Event Websites

Don’t forget that the main thing at any event is the company. If you want to organize a perfect event, you better promote online with the smallest detail to any attraction and aspect of it. The best way to demonstrate how interesting the event will be is by creating a website for it, where the potential attendees can find all the information about it.If it is a cinema screening, make a page with a brief note on the director and the style. If it is a festival, make a convenient schedule of the activities, add a gallery, and describe all the guests. If it is an educational event, present the speakers and tell why they matter. Make the date, time, and location of the event vividly visible for the guests to book the date. Everything that you may need in making a website for the event is already thought of and added to the event website templates on Weblium. 

Final touch: nice-to-have event website pages

For attendants / for speakers / for press Arrange everything of separate web pages or combine in a single FAQ section. It is up to you to decide, jut consider the peculiarities of the event and pick a convenient form. 
Previous events In case this event is not the first you are organizing, tell people about previous ones.
Online broadcasting Last but not least, it depends on your opportunities, demand, and budget. If you are ready to provide high quality broadcasting and people in other locations are interesting in the event, go for it!

Event website template demo

The place to find any event website template is 

Weblium event website templates are designed for parties, courses, concerts, presentations, and quests, and many more. You will only have to choose a template that fits your event, attract people, and have fun there. 

Check the template demo via the link below!

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