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What are the benefits of launching a jewelry website? Numbers show it all:

How to create a jewelry website 

Global jewelry sales amount to $175 billion every year.

This number is expected to grow 5% annually during next five years.

⅔ of luxury jewelry shoppers start with online research and only then consider visiting a store.

Online sales of fashion and fine jewelry jumped to $150 million in 2015 compared to only $2 million in 2013.

Online sales of fashion jewelry keep growing — at least by 15% till 2020.

Start with thinking through your jewelry website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective jewelry website that we’ve done for you

Jewelry is about beauty, elegance, and creativity

Display bright examples of jewelry you sell to show a customer they will get it all here. Add links to some samples with quick view option. Leave gift vouchers here to help those looking for a present do it easier.

Add some more pages to your jewelry website

Special offers

Whether you sell luxurious jewelry or handmade items, customers will appreciate sales and promos. Gather the most attractive items on one page to show that you like making gifts, too.


Although people strive after originality, there are some pieces so amazing everyone wants to get. Make them easily accessible — display on the list of bestsellers.

Custom made

If you are ready to offer something one of a kind, you should tell it to every prospective customer. It is one of your superpowers that shouldn’t be disguised!

Our story

This chapter of the jewelry website is where customers get to know you better. Jewelry website is one of the proofs of your reliability. Tell your story fascinatingly, and people will choose your jewelry website as the next shopping place.


Include the essentials: email, phone numbers, links to social networks, head office, and locations of the stores.

Final touch: nice-to-have jewelry website pages

Style As the selection of the jewelry website grows, it becomes difficult for customers to find exactly what they need. Classification based on styles is a web page they will be grateful for. 
Press/news/blog At some point, you are to choose channels of communication with the outer world. Depending on the format, you’ll need to provide engaging content for customers or media.
Collections Last but not least, collections attract loyal customers and influence your image positively. Show them on your website, and people will stay with your store for a long time, waiting for newcomings.

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