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Web.com Templates and Themes are no longer available for sale at Weblium.

However, there is even more versatile solution that will suit everyone - it is Weblium. Here you can get a ready website within just 30 minutes. The site will be developed by experts in the most optimal way, taking into account all your wishes, modern trends and features of your business. The high download speed, stunning rating and maximum responsiveness will help you attract visitors and turn them into your customers.Also, you can find more information about templates here.

Web.com Website Templates on Weblium

On Web.com you will find everything you need to create your own site. You will have an access to a complete set of tools and features. Web.com service helps individual users and companies to create, promote and maintain websites.
This is probably the closest to the universal site builder among the existing ones: hundreds of beautiful Web com templates are stunning, there is a complete set of marketing tools, the possibility of an individual order, affordable hosting services.