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Now You can create a website in less than an hour for free! We have launched Weblium.com DIY, first website builder of the fifth generation, that will not allow you to make stupid mistakes on your website with AI supervisor integrated with the website builder. We take care of all integrations, templates (btw now you can mix them to create your own), we recommend you color schemes, we add all the analytics so you would have a ready-made website in 45 minutes.
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Weebly Website Designs on Weblium

It is understandable that the quality of website design is very important. If you follow these trends, your target audience will surely appreciate it.If you are familiar with Wix or Weebly website designs, you probably subconsciously noted some of these trends. And here is a full list:1. Storytelling.2. More space.3. Unexpected Scroll Speed.4. Breakdown markup.5. Floating navigation menus.6. Responsive logos.7. Studio mini-photos.8. Unusual colors.9. Non-standard arrangement of blocks.10. Full-screen video.11. Geometric shapes and patterns.12. Gif images (animation).13. Juicy graphics and images.14. 3D images.15. Gradient.16. Unique fonts.17. Semi-transparent buttons.18. Parallax effect.19. More natural and streamlined forms.