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Wix Resume Website Examples are discontinued

Wix Resume Websites are no longer available for sale at Weblium. But you can find similar themes here.
Wix resume website is the ultimate way to tell your professional story in an engaging way. It does not mean you have to leave Weblium for the other website builder - just choose one of Wix resume website templates here!
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Wix resume website templates

Wix resume website is a tested and trusted solution. We don’t think that reinventing a wheel is a necessary thing to do right now. Instead, we apply the best Wix resume website practices and concentrate on adjusting everything for your particular case. Now, a few words about Wix resume website advantages. A resume can be quite a boring piece for reading. A personal resume website is a way to avoid such outcomes. There is enough space to tell about all your skills, talents, achievements, experiences etc. There is enough room for creativity, self-expression, and extraordinary presentations. Wix resume website introduces you to interesting people and opens new opportunities.