Wix Website Templates 2020

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Wix website templates are no longer available for sale at Weblium.

We have launched Weblium.com DIY, the first website builder of the fifth generation, that will not allow you to make stupid mistakes on your website with AI supervisor integrated with the website builder. We take care of all integrations, templates (btw now you can mix them to create your own), we recommend you color schemes, we add all the analytics so you would have a ready-made website in 45 minutes.
It is free to use - check it out if you like it, let me know, I will share with a discount for a professional tool for your work.

Wix Website Templates

Creating a website is not difficult technically. But how to make sure it will stand out from the crowd? It is crucial to think through functionality and design, then to make them work seamlessly. This task is more complicated. Wix Website 
Templates are no longer available for sale on Weblium. But here you will find templates that will satisfy both technical and visual requirements. All of them are already used successfully. A little bit of customizing – and one of these websites will become exactly what your brand needs. 
HTML5, WordPress, Magento, Bootstrap – the list of options is not even close to complete. You can choose the preferred platform type and style. Despite using a template, we will analyze your requirements and listen to your ideas and blend it all perfectly. 
Using one of the standard templates does not mean your website is going to be ordinary and lack originality. You just save time and costs for development, meanwhile getting a simple and flexible solution.