Breaking Bad: 16 Bad Website Examples of 2019

Breaking Bad: 16 Bad Website Examples of 2019

Many studies show that you get less than one second to persuade your new visitor to stay on your site. Imagine that: just one second!

Have you ever come across a site design that has made you LOL for hours – and you wanted to share it with your friends? That’s how bad website design tops like this one appear! And we don’t mean that the company’s business is funny, or that some website elements are wrong. No, it’s the whole design that looks like it has come from the 80’s.

Our deep research has borne its fruits: check out these 11 bad websites 2018 that will show how you shouldn’t make a website!

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Differences Between Good and Bad Web Design

  • good navigation (easy to understand)
  • good color scheme
  • a visually appealing interface
  • clean layout

Bad Website Examples

Penny Juice – bad design examples

Penny Juice Bad website design

Visit the website:

Penny Juice is the first one in our list of bad interface design examples – a site, that has failed to achieve any of the website’s goals, be it intuitive navigation, simple and attractive design, and clear description of an offered product.

The first shocking thing you notice when you land on the website is a crazy rainbow of vivid colors that create a mess. The design is just penetrating and lacks clear navigation: you cannot get to the other website pages unless you scroll down every page.

Blinkee website – bad design example

Blinkee ugly web design example

Visit the website:

Blinkee is about selling glowing and blinking things – that’s the deal! But, unfortunately, it is the only thing you clearly understand at a glance.

The concept of various things, blinking on the dark background is OK, but the execution is nothing but annoying. All these products are blinking and flashing at you while you are trying hard to find answers.

There are many other crucial issues that make Blinkee website one of the worst websites, so we want to pay attention to these moments:

  • The product images are just too small (while they have to be in the focus of user’s attention).
  • Everything is so animated here that the whole design may cause seizures.
  • The color scheme is the real problem: you have to read the text against the black backside.
  • The website frames are also a problem: one on the left encloses the text & the one on the right is just hollow.
  • The next problem is that everything is tiny.

You can find all the product categories on the right: when you click on any of them, sometimes you get to another page with the detailed product info, but sometimes you land on another webpage, that encloses all the products from the category, which is pretty user-hostile.

Arngren website

Visit the website:

Some resources can be good and bad websites examples at the same time, but we can’t say that about Arngren website.

This Norwegian classified site denies all the existing rules of contemporary web design! Remember the awful yellow pages that were popular in the 90’s, with the ads fighting for tiny space of the page. Now you see the similar design, brought to life in 2018.

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • Incorrect color usage.
  • Poor navigation.
  • Tiny and even confusing typography.
  • The absence of a clear message about the business.
  • Typography is small and confusing for the readers
  • Random use of colors.

Great Dreams bad designed website

Visit the website:

Sometimes, you may be wondering where do these ugly websites come from?!

Great Dreams website is a killing combo of the text color and background and that makes the content nearly unreadable. Especially when the text size is that tiny.

You land on the main page, that is too long and too dull to get to its bottom: that reflects an ugly layout design. Just look at this weird top message saying, «please refresh your page to get the latest issue»!

But the most important issue is that the website has no clear theme: looks like this all-in-one site pretends to be an advanced online encyclopedia!

Scroll down and you will notice that the webpage width has changed – this must be the pure magic. So is the mad choice of colors in different parts of this website.

Pacific Northwest X-Ray Inc.

bad desigbed website example

Visit the website:

One of the most striking bad websites 2018, Pacific Northwest poorly explains what their service actually is – and that’s the first mistake they have made.

The website text and background colors are not conflicting, it is really difficult to read the content because of the absence of anti-aliasing, and the webpage text has no correct jagging and common white edges.

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • Bad typography with poor readability feature.
  • Fonts and color don’t connect with the website.
  • Lacks proper call to action. There is only a phone number that too at the bottom.
  • Flash is dead.

Suzanne Collins’ books website

Visit the website:

Even if you are fond of Suzanne Collins work («Hunger Games» make many people crazy), you will be disappointed with her website.

The first thing is that the user has to zoom in the webpage to 200% to make the content readable. When you zoom it back, you get everything moving to the outer screen edges. That’s how we’re supposed to use white space.

Try clicking on any book, and nothing happens – and that’s the best example of a missed opportunity. Try clicking on «Works» section and you will land on the same screen with the books, awards & reviews, but you will find no descriptions there.

Go down to the bottom of the webpage and you will find the list of online stores for buying the author’s books. But if you hit the link, instead of getting on the author’s webpage with the book you look for, you will land on the store’s home page. Another missed opportunity.

Bavarian Brathouse ugly web design example

Visit the website:

Remember your first kid’s drawings? Now you have a chance to see something similar on the website.

The design of this site looks just like the street walls back in the 80’s! A brick-like background doesn’t have any parallax effect, and the boring graphics make Bavarian Brathouse website a striking example of bad mobile websites.

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • Lack of a pleasing aesthetic design.
  • Poor navigation.
  • Overload with left side copyright without an adequate, clear message.
  • Dull graphics that don’t comply with the company’s business value.
  • No CTA!

Bella De Soto’s ugly website design example

bad web design

Visit the website:

Every time you enter the website, you get a feeling that these guys tried to put everything they had on one page.

What else brings this site to the top of bad websites? Even if you zoom out to 20%, you won’t see the whole huge image below. There is so much different content and so many low-quality images on the main page that you get dizzy.

Besides, the homepage is too long and wide, so you have to scroll it horizontally and vertically to find the info you’re looking for.

Antique Bottle Collectors Resource

bad web design

Visit the website:

One of the worst websites on the Web, Antique Bottle Collectors has lots of issues…

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • The color of the text constantly changes, making your head spin.
  • The images are randomly put in different places without any order or formatting.
  • Bad navigation.
  • Too much content, which you don’t really want to read.

Patimex ugly web design

Visit the website:

Patimex is a great addition to our list of ugly websites – at first, you notice plenty of jittery graphics solutions that you need to zoom and they get out of the screen frames.

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • The webpage text is fading in & out, but that’s not the worst thing on this site.
  • Then you notice the tiny musical note telling you that there is music playing on the webpage… And this crazy country music, along with the awful animation of a devil grilling his infernal majesty on a BBQ made us feel sorry for the human beings.
  • The pulsating Patimex logo is another thing that can riddle a web designer: why would a logo attract attention if you can’t even click on it?

The website navigation works fine, and that’s probably the only thing that is OK on the Patimex website.

Rudgwick Steam & County Show

Visit the website:

This company’s site can stand out even from our top of bad websites. This is the greatest selection of an awful design that you have seen. When you land on the website, you have no idea where to start from, you just get confused.

Reasons for the nomination on bad design category:

  • Links on navigation doesn’t work.
  • Random use of colours that give negative vibes.
  • Lacks clear picture of the website.
  • Large meaningless graphics

The greeting message lacks clear sense and meaning. The whole site looks like a list!

The lack of user-friendly navigation or readability adds to your bad impression. By the way, the links in the navigation menu do not work!

Tag Team Signs – bad website

bad website examples | weblium

Visit the website:

If you want to feel irritated, welcome to this website. A lot of annoying elements are here: playing music without your permission; the beginning of the really ugly animation; slow to load; unavailability on mobile devices and finally just a boring web design.

Headhunter Hair Styling

Visit the website:

What is terrible about this website?

Headhunter Hair Styling is very basic and slow to load like almost all these websites from this list. Hope you understand one important thing about bad websites: not only bad design is responsible for the failure.

First, make your website perfect from the technical side: minimize java scripts and frameworks, compress images, and try not to overload the web code.

Electrifying Times

Visit the website:

I think this website was made like a doorway. Doorways are sites or pages created to rank high for specific search queries. They are bad for users because they can lead to multiple similar pages in user search results and hinder usability. – bad website

Visit the website: website is a hodge-podge of items that don’t really go together. We doubt that you will understand its purpose when you land on it. And that’s only one of the problems.

Main issues of the website:

  • small font size,
  • no structure (there are no logical website sections),
  • wall of content (one page contains enough text to fill 20 pages),
  • no mobile responsiveness,
  • spam text (numerous links to Wikipedia),
  • bad usability.

Where To Eat

Visit the website:

The website shows how the lack of consistency results in poor user experience, thereby dropping conversion. The problems are countless

To name a few issues:

  • inconsistent font size and style,
  • badly developed color palette, where images and text simply don’t match,
  • visuals remind of 90’s web design,
  • navigation issues – it takes a lot of effort to get to other pages,
  • lists of unrelated items – types of cuisine are mixed with advantages and facilities, while they don’t really go together,
  • there’s no clear call-to-action, so a visitor won’t know what to do on the page,
  • you don’t understand what a website is for, since there’s no proper first screen or cover.

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