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How launching a fitness website will benefit your business?
Consider these numbers:

Tips and tricks for a fitness website

Global health club market — 185,000 clubs with 151 million of members — is worth $84 billion.

⅔ of all people, who exercise regularly, are members of a certain sport club or gym.


81% of millennials, the most active web users, attend fitness clubs on regular basis.


Start with thinking through your fitness website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective fitness website that we’ve done for you

Homepage is your welcome page

It should be minimalistic but engaging. Place a banner here — an image of a person exercising, a photo of your gym or something like this. Meet your customers with motivation and inspiration. And don’t forget to add clear navigation: links to other pages.

Add some more pages to your sports website

Training programs

This actually what visitors look for. Describe the peculiarities and benefits of each. Give an example of at least approximate routine, indicate difficulty level and expected results.


New customers usually visit a trial workout to see how the thing go at your gym. When visitors finally decide to choose your place, they prefer to have several options: annual or monthly membership, or 10 workouts only, standard or exclusive etc. Develop several options and display them here.


Workouts are result-oriented. If a person decides to work with instructor, they are likely to check out your team. Be ahead: tell about instructors in short and show how they look.


Fitness club is not just prеmіsеs for training. The condition and atmosphere of this place matters a lot. Show prospective customers how everything looks here: spacious rooms, new equipment, smiling instructors — every detail you consider important or special.


Tell the story of your fitness club — when it was founded, who is a person in charge, why he/she is passionate about sports, what you’ve already achieved, what the benefits of choosing your place are and so on.


Finally, let people find and contact you easily. The essentials are: email, phone number, and address. Links to social networks, online chat and callback form are also welcome.

Final touch: nice-to-have fitness website pages


You and your team knows a lot about sport and wellness. Share some tips and ideas. Write about healthy food. Suggest home exercises. Comment on popular food supplements. Explain the dos and don’ts. You will attract new customers and help a lot those, who currently cannot attend your gym.


For many, sport is an ideology. If you consider it to be more than physical activity, if such attitude is a key principle of your team, share this thoughts. 


 From fitness mats to high quality proteins, you can feature literally every product related to sport and interesting for your clients. Be multifunctional — be helpful!

Fitness website Templates

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La Famiglia

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