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Here's a checklist with top ideas for your DJ website.1. BioCreate a high-quality captivating presentation video about yourself, your music preferences, and your style. That's how you get personal with your listeners to win their adoration.2. Upcoming PerformancesHighlight your upcoming performances. Include the option to book tickets in advance. That's how you'll easily get all your fans there!3. TestimonialsThe feedback page is your own Wall of Fame. No exaggerations, so take it seriously! Share the best reviews from your fans!4. Contact InfoIf producers, radio stations, or TV representatives are interested in your work, they should easily find a way to contact you!5. SharingSocial sharing buttons (in the footer or/and in the header) should be on every page of your DJ website! Because you want to share your hits with the world, huh? And social shares is such a great way to achieve that!6. High-Quality Graphics, Photos, Videos, ArtYou can create beautifully crafted images that your fans will want to use as their desktop wallpapers. Or you can offer some rare posters for downloading as a bonus to audio tracks they want to buy.7. Links for Downloading or Buying Your MusicDo you post something on Soundcloud? YouTube? Spotify? Bandcamp? iTunes? Google Play Music? Share the link! Let people listen to your music through as many online channels as possible!8. Audio PlayerAdd a convenient built-in player on your website. That's how your visitors won't be forced to stop listening to your tracks after switching to another web-resource.

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DJ website templates

DJ website templates

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