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Tips and tricks for a creating and designing your own DJ website

How to Create DJ Website

Stop listening to those people who says that the website for a DJ is a waste of time and he can do only with social networks and YouTube. Just browse your favorite bands and artists on the Web. Each of them has an official website. Believe me, they have made their websites for a BIG reason!

We always work hard to improve our goods and services to achieve higher results for our clients. We love challenging tasks that require an innovative approach. Thus, if your business needs a unique solution, we are ready to fine-tune our existing products to meet all your demands.Our company is a group of devotees sharing mutual priorities and values. We know that only those committed to their work can provide the best-quality products and services. That’s why every person that wants to join our team should undergo rigorous selection.1. BioCreate a high-quality captivating presentation video about yourself or place a beautiful photo with a brief biography on the main page. Add buttons for easy access to the audio with some stimulating call-to-action phrase!2. Performance announcementsHighlight the announcements of upcoming performances with the option of booking tickets in advance - it will be easier to get all your fans there!3. TestimonialsThe feedback page is your «wall of fame» and the best way to share your winning recommendations!4. Contact InfoIf the people you need (producers, radio stations, television) are interested in your work, they should easily find a way to contact you!5. SharingSocial sharing buttons (in the footer or in the header) should be on every website page!6. High-quality graphics, photos, artYou can create beautifully crafted images that your fans will want to use as the desktop wallpapers, or you can offer some rare posters for downloading as a bonus to audio tracks people want to buy.7. Links to websites where people can download or buy your musicDo you post something on Soundcloud? Share the audio tracks links!You have started the YouTube channel? Share a link!Are you on Spotify? Bandcamp? iTunes, Google Play Music? Give people the opportunity to get to know you through the popular online resources where you promote yourself!8. Audio playerThe convenient built-in player on the website will keep the visitor on it and it will not let him «lose» when he switches to another web-resource.