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How to create photography website for free?

The good website is one of the signs that distinguish an experienced photographer from an amateur. Read these crucial tips if you want to create a photography website, that is going to tell the whole world about the talent you have got!

1. What things do you need on your home page?The first and the main thing that a person should find on your site is your work because it shows your level of professionalism and tells the potential customer about your favorite subject. It is good to put your name, surname (the company name) with a logo in the webpage header, and highlight your specialization.Add a phone number in the upper left corner of the header and the clients will see your contact information on every webpage!2. How you should organize your portfolio?Divide your portfolio into types of photos or areas of activity.For example, you can categorize it by the service types: shooting events, wedding photography, children's photographs, Romantic Stories, majestic interiors. Or divide it according to the photography genres: portraits, nature, personalities, black&white, studio shooting.3. What you should write about yourself and your services?In the biography, you can tell people about the things that inspire you, about the way you like to work. Place the info about principles and features of your work in a “Services” section.Information on how you work should be exhaustive: describe the time needed for the processing of the photos; tell people what you are shooting and where.4. Who needs news?It makes sense if you travel, take photographs and write about them. If you share secrets and life hacks for photographers, then get yourself a blog!5. Do I need a feedback section?Yes, this is the most effective way to gain the trust of a potential client!6. Do I need the buttons of social networks?Good photos work like business cards and flyers, and even better: they are distributed not by intrusive promoters, but by users who genuinely liked your work. So add the «Share» buttons on Facebook under the best photographs in your portfolio!Choose a professional way to create a photography website – get your perfect, fast and responsive website done with Weblium within just in 72 hours! The cost of the website includes the cost of hosting and domain. 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the results!
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