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More About Magazine Templates 

The “printed press vs digital newspapers” thing has already become classic. It is obvious that none is going to disappear. Each has its specific audience that is likely to stick to a chosen format. Nevertheless, magazine website templates that website owners decide to use greatly influence the fate of the web resource. 
Online magazines are more convenient for those, who don’t like to collect or store things and want to keep everything handy. Meanwhile, the digital version should not differ much from good old printed magazines. We are not speaking about PDFs or any other file formats here. Magazine website templates from the Weblium’s collection allow structuring the information well to bear as much resemblance to a glossy magazine as possible. 
Magazine website templates are the ready and tested solution for a good online edition for your new or redesigned magazine. They already feature all the important blocks and functions, including hi-res images, text columns, and other page setup options. There are also opportunities for customization. You can always contact the Weblium team to specify the details in case you wish to change something. 
Templates available on Weblium are designed according to the best UI/UX practices. Moreover, they are easy to figure out and use even for people with zero knowledge of web development and content management. You don’t need to be an IT specialist to run a magazine. You need to create good content, and Weblium will help with equally awesome online presence. 


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