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Modern bakery website templates will help you create a website, that will start attracting visitors right away, and will help to encourage people to promote your website... for free!

Bakery website tips

Some people spend hundreds of dollars building their own bakery sites. Some of these sites are surprising, some are of interest, but only a few of them are able to bring real customers to the institution.

  • 1. Good bakery website design whets the appetite

    Choose the right color scheme, ‘cause it conveys the atmosphere of the place. Bright and warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow, purple increase the appetite and draw attention.As a background header, you can use a high-quality photo or even a video.You can really stand out from the crowd using tasty, bright and high-quality photos of the interior, exterior and, of course, food!Weblium bakery website templates designed according to the latest web design trends. Choose any template you like – any of them is a win-win solution.

  • 2. Site structure should help to make an order

    Choose the simple and clear website structure. The main menu should contain the main categories. This will help your visitors to orient themselves.

  • 3. Texts that sell

    It is important to submit your offer briefly, concisely, but professionally, revealing your most important advantages.

  • 4. The menu, that makes you wanna order something

    Your main page should have a link to the site menu, so that the visitors won’t search for the main thing they came here for.
    Each dish should have colorful, high-quality image. It is a good idea to place an online ordering button here.
    All the blocks and elements of bakery website templates from Weblium are created based on a deep study of the best world’s websites, so your site will have all the elements you may need!

  • 5. Mobile-responsive design, that helps to attract much more new customers

    Do not forget about all that mobile users who may be looking for a quick bakery to have a quick snack somewhere nearby!
    Using Weblium bakery website templates, you get the site that looks perfect on all existing screens!

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