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Tips and tricks for a creating a family website

98% of people put family on the list of top important things in their lives.

55% of young people are inspired to learn family history from older generations.


Nowadays, a person can track family history 184 years back compared to 149 years just a generation ago.


For 81% of people photos are the main source of ancestry research. 45% learn their history from letters, while 66% from birth, marriage, and death records. And only together with stories told by near and dear ones these documents build the strong family narrative. A family website can become a platform for discoveries and a storage of this essential information.

Start with thinking through your family website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective family website that we’ve done for you

Greet the visitors together

Place your best photo on the homepage. Welcome everyone to find out more about you and your life. You can leave a contact form here, a link to other page, or just introduce everyone and suggest to continue communication on other pages.

Add some more pages to your family website

Who we are

This website is your advertising card. Tell your unique story — who you are, what you like, what are your life goals, what makes you happy. Share everything you want people to know.


Family website is like an upgraded version of family album. Don’t hesitate to share the happiest and most important moments. Adding a gallery on your family website is a guarantee you aren’t going to lose a single photo.


Similarly, you can upload video shootings of different events. When kids grow up or someone’s just going on a business trip, you aren’t going to miss each other. Everyone will have access to awesome funny and touching videos.

Family tree

Creating a family tree is difficult but very interesting task. People are always curious about their past and ancestors. Add it on your family website, and kids will be very grateful!

Final touch: nice-to-have family website pages


How about a personal page of each? Each of you is special. Create a little wall of fame for everyone. Differences and personal stories make your family a complete puzzle of several pieces.


So many important things happen every day! So many achievements, little records, funny jokes should be remembered but are accidentally lost or forgotten. A diary is a perfect way to store all the precious moments.


Maybe you’ve got a piece of advice, some experiences or traditions you’d like to share? Publish them in regular features! This collection of lifehacks will be very useful to your kids in the future.

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