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The opportunities of Weblium website builder for teachers

free website builder for teachers

Easy-to-use editor

Position your text correctly with the help of an intuitive editor. Amending a website is just as easy as revising an electronic document. Increase indentation, modify alignment, and swap background without the fear of compromising the appearance of the website.

create a teacher website

Beautiful design

Make a website that has an attractive and modern design. Your entire website will have a coherent design throughout all its pages, which entails consistency of color pallets, fonts, and buttons. High-quality templates appear modern and besides, they are adaptable to the screens of different dimensions and resolutions, from smartphone displays to desktop computer screens.

creating a teacher website

24/7 online support

We are here for you to answer all your technical questions! You can consult our online chat, available 24/7 (a message icon at the bottom of this page). Prepare to receive answers from real people who want you to make the best teacher website free of charge.

The principal stages to go through in creating a teacher website free-of-cost


Pick and set up a template

Select one of the website templates categorized as “Education.” They have a ready-made structure. Should you need an additional block, for instance, a photo gallery, you will be able to add it with just one click.
A pastel color palette would suit a teacher website better, just to make sure the design does not divert attention from the primary information on the website.


Add text

Place text into off-the-rack blocks on the website. Split the text into paragraphs, include bullet points, use bold text to highlight key information. Just remember, it is essential to mention only relevant information. Afterward, proofread your website for grammar errors.


Feature the images

Use the pictures of you to illustrate a demo lesson or an event. Should you have none, you will be able to find the images that meet the context criteria in our free library.


Publish and advertise your website

Your website is ready to get published! Please, consider sharing the link to access the website with your students and their parents once you have some important messages to provide. If you want to use your website to find a job, you have got yourself a resume with the website itself. 

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Goals of a teacher website

1. You want to come as a modern teacher

Under the circumstances when a global shift in the education system occurs and education goes online, a website can be a proper tool to always stay in touch and deliver the news not just to the students but also to their parents.

2. You are a tutor and in the need of a personal website

A website can tell all the necessary information about yourself as a teacher, such as educational background, teaching methods, prices, and the time when you are available for conducting classes.

3. You need a website resume to look for a job

A one-page site listing your achievements should suffice to have this need met.

Teacher website templates

Check out prefabricated website templates developed with the Weblium teacher website builder

Children's Education Center

Lettering & Calligraphy School

It takes just a few simple steps to create a fantastic teacher website

Start from scratch and free of cost using teacher website builder

What pages are good to have on a teacher website?

“Homepage” or “About me” page

This page is dedicated to you. Therefore, on a landing page, feature a picture of yourself and a brief greeting note. Further on, specify what and how you teach.

“My lessons”

 If you are a school teacher, describe several lessons: how they go and what your approach to education is. If you are a tutor, you will have to specify the subjects and courses you teach and per class price.

“Accolades” / “Achievements”

Be sure to feature your professional rewards, diplomas, and certificates, on your website. It is possible to upload them as images. Your achievements allude to your experience and professional level. 


Specify the following contact information: address, phone number, email, and instant messengers. We recommend adding a contact form (so that the website visitors can leave their questions).


Since a blog is a section of a website, seek not to consider it as a separate page. A blog would consist of many distinct pages, where you will be able to talk more about your area of expertise.

Ready-made integrations

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"
Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Ready-made integrations

Weblium allows adding additional plugins to your website to expand its functionality


Weblium customers’ feedback

Find out why over 130,000 website creators have opted for Weblium

  • Illustration

    Pam Knight

    Marketing Specialist

Amazing platform, super easy to use and fabulous support team who never give up on you until they find a solution for you, even if you are being a tad thick! It’s a relatively new platform but has surprisingly few problems, and those that come up are solved quickly and efficiently and since I am one to really push the boundaries, if anyone was going to find the glitches it would be me! Well done Team Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Jacquey Dougherty

    President at Dougherty Financial Consultants, Inc.

Weblium created a very professional website for my Insurance Agency/Accounting Firm business. When I indicated that I wanted to be able to add news items/blogs on a regular basis, they were extremely patient with me in training me how to do it. They took the time to send me videos that were extremely user-friendly and easy to follow. When I have a question, I email it and a consistent member of the staff gets back to me literally right away. I highly recommend Weblium!

  • Illustration

    Hillary Moon

    Hillary Moon Performance Art

I had a Facebook page but wanted to share my work with more potential clients. When I found Weblium's offer, it seemed too good to be true at first. But Weblium did a great job! They built the website I needed and helped me learn how to manage it. 10/10.

  • Illustration

    Kate Goncharova

    Mimodels Management

We decided to create a website since it’s the best way to showcase your talents in modeling business. Weblium created a site that both meets our expectations perfectly and is pretty simple to manage on your own. I can vouch for the quality of this service


  • How can I create a teacher website free of charge?

    You will be able to make a professionally looking teacher website by using the following features of the free subscription on the Weblium website builder:
    ● 300+ customizable templates and 200+ ready-to-use blocks;● 2 million free images and over 50 thousand icons;● unlimited number of pages;● continues and trouble-free operation of your website 24/7.
    Pro subscription charges a monthly fee of $8.25. It would grant you access to advanced features, such as connecting a domain, indexation of your website by search engines, and contact forms integration.

  • How long would it take to create a pedagogue’s website?

    With a ready-to-use template, it is possible to build a website in about thirty minutes. However, if you want to add more pages and a blog, content preparation may take a while.

  • Which one is better: a one-page or a multi-page teacher website?

    If you want to be of service to both students and parents, a website should consist of several pages. For example, in a case like that, you might want to have separate pages with the information for parents and students.
    A one-page site should suffice a tutor’s needs. Be sure to add separate blocks on the page containing all the necessary information, such as experience, educational background, and teaching methods.

  • I need a blog. What information can I share with my students?

    To pique the students’ interest, consider the following methods for presenting information:
    ● important announcements, such as test deadlines or class postponements;● lesson plans so that both students and parents can understand what material you are currently studying (of use to the absent students as well);● useful resources, namely, resources of your own making, links to the information necessary to prepare for a class (including videos and to download books).

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