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Tips and tricks for a creating a health and beauty website

Starting a health & beauty website is a brilliant idea

$675 billion

Skincare industry will be worth in 2020

$4.88 billion annually

Generate only soap sales

By 28% till 2022

Skincare sector is going to rise thanks to product innovations

Tips and Tricks 

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective health & beauty website that we’ve done for you. People interested in health & beauty services and products focus on the final result. They seek for pleasant appearance and personal well-being. Communicate these benefits through visually pleasant elements on your health & beauty website homepage. It will be enough to include a banner with your highlights or beautiful people.
Add some more pages to your health & beauty website

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Add About Page for your health and beauty website

Start with telling who you are – what you offer, what are your values, what benefits your customers are going to get.

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Products / services web page

If you provide both, it will be reasonable to create two separate sections. Include detailed information concerning what you offer. Do not hesitate to explain the nuances and highlights if they matter.

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You can provide these on a previous page or create a separate webpage to explain the nuances of pricing. In any case, choose transparency over a callback form.

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Health & beauty website requires clear evidence of the benefits promised to customers. Ask them to let you share some “before – after” photos. Describe the most challenging tasks and how you managed to deal with them. Tell the real stories about products.

Final touch: nice-to-have health & beauty website pages


There is always room on your health & beauty website for vitamins, supplements, organic cosmetic products etc, which make your services complete. 


Whether we talk about services (like massages, depilation, face cleaning, teeth whitening) or products (makeup, everyday cosmetics, anti-aging programs and so on), you can increase loyalty levels by offering to create a personal account and becoming a member of your community. 

Plan a visit

An opportunity to book online is a must-have for health & beauty services provider. In case you run a medical or beauty center, make it easy for prospective customers to stop by. 


Here you can share information about general issues in the field, global innovations, personal discoveries, tips and much more – everything that encourages people open your health & beauty website, visit your place, shop for products they need etc. 


While there is no need to show who supports web shop functioning, getting familiar with doctors and health & beauty professionals before a visit is a huge bonus. Customers like to know, who they are going to meet. Introduce your amazing team to encourage a visit. 


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