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Tips and tricks for a creating an entertainment website

There are over 4 billion Internet users in the world, and at least a half of them visits entertainment websites regularly.

Advance in technologies triggered the growth of streaming services with 60% of people using those at least once a month.


Video and audio already generate over 80% of data traffic with the great share occupied by entertainment.


Online versions of print media are the most used type of digital content, reaching 90% in some countries.


Mobile engaging with digital media has reached 3 hours 20 minutes per day compared to 2 hours in 2012.


Start with thinking through your entertainment website homepage 

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective entertainment website that we’ve done for you More About Weblium

entertaining site

The style and content of your entertainment website homepage will completely depend on the specialization.

If you run digital media, start with showing the latest materials or interesting projects. If you are entertainment services provider, quickly tell who you are and what you do. And don’t forget about eye-catching design!

Final touch: nice-to-have entertainment website pages 


Sell original merch or create favourable conditions for your partners, who produce cool stuff. There are no limits regarding the selection, just be reasonable. 


If you know how to have fun and are ready to teach people, feel free to tell them! Again, you should include this page only in case it is relevant to your specialization. 


Publishing vacancies on the official website is a chance to find the most devoted employees, who visit your website frequently, know what you do and are ready to become a part of the crew.

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