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An average american spends at least $2,500 for eating out annually.

Millennials spend 40% of their food budget at restaurants.

Millennials spend 40% of their food budget at restaurants.

Start with thinking through your restaurants' website homepage

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective restaurants website that we’ve done for you

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Photos speak louder than words

So, how about a mouthwatering image of your specialties? Some decide to place links to other pages with beautiful previews — that’s a great idea, too. Just don’t forget to add a map at the bottom of the page or show address in footer — visitors should find you easily.

Add some more pages to your restaurant website

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A new visitors isn’t going to make a reservation, if they don’t know what you serve and how much they will need to pay. Loyal customers want to find out whether something new appeared and their favorite dishes are still available.

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Making reservation online is convenient and time efficient for both sides. Besides, if you fail to include this page/form, you risk to lose prospective customers.

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Devote some room to exclusive offers and dishes cooked by using unique recipes. Create a highlight to attract new visitors. Show it to become an interesting place in the highly competitive industry.

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Tell customers who you are. What is your story? Why are you passionate about food? Why will people enjoy spending time here?

Final touch: nice-to-have restaurant website pages


Don’t leave your customers alone if circumstances force them to stay at home or throw public event. 


The person in charge of all the delicious food deserves their own webpage. Tell a little bit about the chef, and you’ll attract even more people than before. 

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Skilled employees are hard to find. Help them find you! By publishing vacancies directly on the website, you increase the chances to find perfect people for your team. 


90% of visitors read online reviews before going to a new restaurant. Of course, you risk to get negative comments from those who are always complaining, but satisfied visitors don’t forget to share their stories either.


Don’t hesitate to show your team, design, decor, kitchen. Customers are curious about all these things and prefer to be a little familiar with a place they are going to visit.

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