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Launching a taxi website is a perfect way to take your business forward, and here’s the proof:

Tips and tricks for a creating a taxi website

Booking a taxi online takes up to 45 seconds and is available 24/7.

Total number of licensed taxi and private hire vehicles has increased by 16% last year.


Taxi services make up 37% of the total car usage and show the tendency to increase.


Start with thinking through your taxi website homepage

Here are the world’s best practices how to make an effective taxi website that we’ve done for you

taxi website homepage - weblium

Place the image of a taxi and a phone number in the first scroll to fix it in person’s memory. 

 It is the first thing a taxi website user should see, regardless of whether they intend to order a taxi or just consider options.

taxi website homepage image - weblium

Below, list the top cars and tariffs – the common info taxi website visitors are usually looking for.  

 Don’t forget about order form. Some have limited time and might appear here accidentally. Show that they are in the right place and can get a car quickly.  

Final touch: nice-to-have taxi website pages


How about additional services – loaders and trucks for relocation, long-distance drives, limousine buses and so on? Right after you decide to go with it, let customers know!


Technological progress is so rapid that it is complicated to keep track on the latest innovations. You can tell customers about the latest trends and inventions in the world of cars and how you plan to use these innovations. 


There are always people, who are not satisfied with something. However, it doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of their comments. On the contrary, fair reviews will make your taxi service look more transparent and customer-oriented.

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