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Starting a tourism website is a good idea for business. Numbers say it all:

Tips and tricks for a creating a tourism website

45% of tourists have a bucket list in mind with a tendency to pick experience rather than a physical good.

Tour related activities account for $40 billion, and that’s only in Europe!


Total market for hotel reservation is at least twice bigger.


Online booking systems increase sales up to 40%.


60% consider an impulse trip based on good hotel and flight deals.


Start with thinking through your tourism website homepage 

Here the world’s best practices how to make an effective tourism website that we’ve done for you

website design for tourism

Win hearts with great deals.

Show the best you’ve got on the homepage, and visitors will not leave. Visually pleasant representation will be a huge bonus, for you have only 8 seconds to attract attention and make a visitor proceed further. Hot deals perform excellent if messages are beautifully designed.

Final touch: nice-to-have tourism website pages 


Take your company further. Hire professional guides or passionate enthusiasts, who can show individual travellers and groups interesting places, both famous and hidden gems. 


Those who prefer personalized experiences can request for customized routes. It is a chance to assist in visiting places that are not on the list of top destinations. 

City info

 If your tourism website is devoted to one city, make sure you provide all essential information: public transportation, useful addresses, local peculiarities etc. 


 Take a personal approach. Share tips & tricks, describe personal experiences, share photos and videos, tell interesting stories. Show that tourism is about people, discoveries and fun.

Tourism website templates

tourism website template

Wow Sofi

tourism websites


tourism templates

La Famiglia

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