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Present-day education needs to go hand in hand with digitalization and keep up with the latest trends. You can order website templates here for FREE

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Launching a school website is the least administration can do, and the first step to this is discovering school website templates.

To see the full selection of templates available on Weblium, you need just to register. It is free of charge and comes without any commitments (although it is likely that you’ll find something perfectly matching your idea and launch a site).
Back to school website templates, each of them is a result of the research by our team of UX/UI designers and web developers. We have checked out the most diverse sites, noted everything we liked about them and tried to do even better. All websites feature pages and sections for information useful and interesting for current and future students, their parents, and teachers. From curriculum to an online magazine, you can manage the structure and then fill it with your content.
How school website templates can be helpful? When choosing a school, people often go online and Google something about it. If you have an official website, you can make it a visiting card of the establishment, feature all the highlights there, and use it as a platform for feedback and effective communication with both current students and staff and those who are yet to come. Our templates help to shape that vision and make everything perfect.