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Check out these benefits that you will get with a good podcast website!

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When you are passionate about work, you are often want to share and receive feedback. Podcasts it what made for people by people. And they definitely have an impact on the lives of the fans.
Among the best ways to share the podcast is by creating a website for it. Your listeners don't have to download your audios, and save them anywhere - make a free website and store the podcasts here. The SEO tools on Weblium allows you to promote your business online on Google and other search engines.
Check the website templates from Weblium to choose and then customize the template for yourself.
We bet, your followers would love listening to podcasts via the brand new website!
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Podcast website tips

The easiest and cheapest way to create a quality podcast website is to use modern podcast templates.

  • 1. Get new listeners from Google

    A website optimized for SEO attracts people searching for certain topics. If these topics are covered in your podcasts, you can get a lot of new visitors from search engines.
    All sites created using podcast templates from Weblium have built-in SEO settings, that will help Google find your website easily.

  • 2. Create an archive of episodes

    Podcasts are a long-lasting thing, especially if you are covering evergreen content. Tracking the analytics, you will see how many new listeners can be attracted to your older episodes.

  • 3. Publish your content more easily

    If you have no website, publishing your podcasts can be troublesome. You need a special podcast RSS feed that publishes individual episodes for a specific platform. iTunes, Stitcher or SoundCloud require RSS feeds for files upload.
    Upload the podcast directly to your website, create an RSS feed and automatically move it to platforms you need.

  • 4. Connect with your listeners

    Add contact forms on the site, feedback and comments sections, chat, and you will be able to get your listeners engaged to fullest, which will increase their interest. Create a poll that will help crowdsource potential topics and guests for future podcasts.
    Your listeners will be glad to have such opportunities and they will more likely distribute information about your podcast organically.

  • 5. Final step - Create a website on Weblium

    Weblium podcast templates have all the necessary pages and blocks that you may need to effectively attract the attention of your audience and interact with it. Sections such as latest episodes, all podcasts archive, divided into categories, live events list, sponsors section, buy tickets/buy products/make a donation button, press page, team page, shop, blog, and social networks buttons, download app buttons will help your website to achieve its goals.


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