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Creating a correct website design for small businesses is a key moment in creating an effective website: it determines, whether the site will attract visitors, convert them into buyers and, possibly, will make them come back to your website again and again.To do this, you must know the key criteria for the effectiveness of web design.We have identified 7 tips of effective web design that will help you to create a beautiful, modern website. Also, we gonna show some really effective web designs for small businesses by Weblium!

Website design for small business: tips and tricks


Create a clear page structure

The grid ensures that each element of the site is in its right place and the design retains the effect of stability and orderliness.Maybe such websites look simple, but they have great effectiveness due to their convenience! Consequently, web pages should have a clear structure that would make it clear where a particular content block begins and ends.

Don’t forget about the focus

 If you want your web design to become even more effective, emphasize certain elements to focus visitors’ attention on them.It is quite obvious that the catchy picture will act much more efficiently than the text; in turn, the highlighted words look more noticeable than the usual ones.

Use a beautiful, readable font

Even if you love experimenting with unique fonts, remember what top web design experts say: the text should as simple as possible to increase its readability.Now the trend suggests using 1-2 fonts, and the most popular option is still Times New Roman. But it is not really necessary to use it if the other good readable font fits your web design more.


Create a unified visual style

When choosing images for the website content and the graphic components, it is necessary to use one unified style. This will improve the user interface of website design for small business and create an attractive and balanced visual image.Pay attention to using similar frames, geometric shapes, shadows, sizes, gradients, etc.

Use a simple color palette

Modern monitors reproduce millions of colors, however, the picture should look soft and pleasant.It is recommended to use no more than 5 colors in your web design.


Strive for simplicity and clarity!

Website visitors will not spend hours studying your website, searching for the necessary information, and understanding the essence of the written content. So don’t make your customers think!Therefore, the design of the site, as well as its content, should be simple and clear, and the presence of any design element should be justified.For example, when designing content, it is important to use certain “clues” (subheadings, highlighting, lists).Thinking through the content, it is better to use the "principle of the pyramid" when writing your texts: the main thoughts should be placed at the beginning of the page/block, and then be supplemented with facts and explanations.


Use graphic elements wisely

When thinking about the form of elements and their location in website design for small business, remember that the visitor perceives objects that are located close to each other as a group of objects.


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