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Tips and tricks for a creating and designing your own catering website

How to create a catering website?

Transform your cooking talents into a successful catering business! When you have set the starting point of your business and developed the menu, your next step is creating an online presence for your businessBut before you create a catering website, consider planning a correct website design. It may seem easy, but there are some useful tips you should follow if you want to make a gorgeous site that you will be proud of!
1. Colors in website designThe use of certain colors allows you to influence the emotions of visitors. Try to keep your site in warm, bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. These colors increase tend to the appetite at the subconscious level.
2.The main functionality for the site catering company
Menu. How to perfectly arrange the online menu:create the dishes builder, create an option to add the ingredients to taste;• add colorful pictures to the menu;• add discount and promotion modules;• customize the sliders;• do not forget about the quick search, put it in the visible place;• create a beautiful animation of dishes.
What else you can add to the order form:• callback module;• online payment option;• quick order option;• the option to send a copy of the order by e-mail or SMS.
Social Network Widgets:• social network buttons (links to the page or your company’s group);• buttons "Share";• the registration form with the ability to sign in with the personal SM account.
3. Other ways to improve the catering company website
Photos of dishes. Let people start eating with their eyes first:• real photos. Get a professional photographer to take photos in a similar style (using one filter and one color);• make sure to leave plenty of free space on the photo. Images with a white background (or no background) are suitable for sites with almost any design!Menu:• your menu should be accessible so that the user can return to the choice of dishes or the desired category at any time;• publish seasonal offers, add a special menu for vegetarians, etc.Contacts and address of the institution:If your potential customer likes your service, he should not only see your phone number but also your address, where he can come and discuss his big order in person. Add the GoogleMaps widget in the "Contacts" section, with the company marked on the map of your city.Online orders and delivery. Adjust the online order form on the site and take orders for food delivery — add another sales channel, increase your profits!
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