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If you want to create a church website, then the first thing you need to decide is to choose the right way to do it.
Today, in addition to the fact that you can create a site from scratch yourself (in this case, you’ll need some special skills and lose much time, and you may make some mistakes when developing a site), or choose a studio/freelancer (it usually involves large budget, possible misunderstanding of the project features and undermined deadlines), you can use one of the existing website builders and get your website done quite inexpensively in a short time.Today, there are a lot of good website builders out there, starting with giants like Wix with all its cool apps and ending with such promising young builders as Weblium, which offer affordable solutions for small businesses.
And, since the majority of young entrepreneurs have a quite limited budget, yet they need to get a perfect website for their business right away, we gonna tell you how to create a website with Weblium, about its features and advantages, since it is one of the best and inexpensive ways to create a professional website today.

5 simple steps on how to make a church website with Weblium

So, if you are looking for the simplest and most advantageous free church website builder, search no more! Try Weblium, because it will help you to create your website exactly the way you always wanted it to be, for absolutely free! 

The whole process of creating a website with Weblium comes down to 4 simple steps:

1. Just get started - log in to your account on the Weblium website. It's so easy that even a kid can handle it!
2. Choose one of the 300+ free templates that you like and that is perfect for your business. Pick up the one you really like, because you’ll be able to change its elements later!It is also worth mentioning that all Weblium templates are based on a detailed study of a specific business niche (up to 100 or more great sites in the world are being analyzed), so the design, the structure, the sections, and even the buttons completely meet the expectations of visitors of your future site!
3. Start editing the selected template - and see how easy it is!You can choose an empty template or a ready-made website design.The intuitive Weblium editor will allow you to create a website in the shortest possible time, reducing complex manipulations with its customization in a few clicks!Weblium offers a block-management system (it has been updated recently!) for creating a site (using pre-made, ready-to-use full-width design blocks, containing all the elements that are necessary for a website of a certain business niche).All templates and blocks are highly customizable, so you can modify them as you wish - add and remove blocks, add blocks from other templates (or from the huge library), copy, move, change their appearance. 
Also, you can easily add the necessary additional elements to the blocks and modify them within the blocks - text, buttons, logo, icons list, countdown, “before and after” gallery, contacts, etc.And this is the thing that helps to create a truly unique site that will be one of a kind!The ability to dynamically edit design elements allows you to see all the changes (and to see how they display on screens of various devices) while editing your website, which ensures maximum convenience - just click the “Preview” button for this.
Tools such as AI Design Supervisor (provides the perfect website design on the way out) and Smart UI-kit (font management, button styles, color schemes and much more done with one click) enhances the builder’s usability. 
And the best part is that if you need to change the template or move the blocks, you don’t have to start all over from scratch! By the way, Wix and some other website builders do not have this feature.
Keep in mind that creating a beautiful and convenient site is not enough to attract customers: first, the search engines need to see it. Besides the fact that your site will be mobile friendly, SSL-protected, and visible to search engines, Weblium offers you enough tools to proceed with SEO settings on your own. 
So, be sure to:• add meta tags;• write alt tags for images;• add canonical links;• add nofollow external links;• check your freshly-made site for duplicate pages and meta tags;• create a custom 404 page.
That’s it! And if you’ll still manage to get lost somewhere – feel free to get help from Weblium’s 24/7 human support!
4. Fill the website pages with the fresh, unique and interesting content!
5. Publish your website.
All changes that you make to your site are saved automatically. The only thing left to do is to click the “Publish” button - and everything will be displayed on your website!As a result, you get a professional website connected to the Weblium sub domain, ready for search engines indexing. If you want more, you can connect your domain for just 8.25/month!
There’s no best church website builder out there, but there’s one modern site builder, Weblium, that will help you to create a professional church website in no time for absolutely free!

Church Website Template: View Demo

Church Website Template: View Demo
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