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Tips and tricks for a creating and designing your own interior design website

Create interior design website

The interior design will always be a sought-after service, but in order to beat your competitors, you’ll have to make a good site.
To avoid fatal mistakes, create an interior design website, following the principles of web design, the common sense, and marketing thinking!
Let us get you through this.

1. Designing the website structure for your interior design websiteThe interior design studios offer a fairly wide range of services. They offer clients the design of different types of premises; the repair and redevelopment; designing the premises, etc.
You should create the separate pages for each service, and put all the links onto the main page, so the visitor will see them right away!
One of the interesting ideas is the creation of “Ideas for the interior” section. These professional recommendations will attract people who are interested in design as such or want to furnish an apartment on their own.
Also, on Weblium you can use free service - Draftium - and get complete web structure for your website2. Designing the «services» sectionWhen the main page has completed its task and has shown all your company’s possibilities, the client will definitely want to know the details, to read the blog.
So, the next step is designing «services» pages: the correct distribution of accents on the webpage; information on services; USP; blog search and navigation. These are 4 important elements of secondary pages.
3. Designing the Portfolio
The photos of successfully completed projects tell people about your professionalism in the best way. It is very important to show the best photos and make the visitor literally fall in love with your works!
Keep in mind such important things as the filter; photography or 3D subject photography/panoramic view; interesting detailed descriptions.
Remember that this is the only chance to quickly sell your services!
Note: do not make the photo project too long. The best picture should be bigger than the others in the foreground. The rest of the pictures need to be placed around it. Follow the rule: show at least 5 photos and no more than 21!
4. Web design tips
The website should be not only convenient but also beautiful! It has to:
• arouse interest, catch the attention, influence the perception;
• amaze the visitor with its convenience – he should immediately understand where to find what he needs;
• give an aesthetic pleasure - let the visitor enjoy;
• be memorable – it will make the visitor return to your website.

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