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How To Create Marketing Website?

The web design sphere is the most affected one by trends among the others. Being responsive to innovations means creating user-friendly, memorable and adapted to all sorts of devices website design, as well as aligning new interface solutions with corporate style.
This is a good incentive to pay attention to new web design trends before you create a marketing website that will work for your success!

1. Shadows and depthGrid markings and parallax allow you to show the depth, the illusion of going beyond the screen.Web designers improvise with the shadows to improve the aesthetics of the websites and user experience, emphasizing the importance of the elements: soft shadows show clickability, and gradients allow you to create the 3D-effect.2. Bright, saturated colorsIn 2018, super-colorful designs are in dominance. The color schemes of the sites become bolder: energetic, rich shades and shadows are combined with a geometric variety of header design with the more angles and oblique lines!3. Animated backgroundsVisuals replace a thousand words, and the animation will express even more!Background animation looks great on websites with the video background. Lightweight JavaScript makes moving fragments a part of the background without «overweighting» the web page. Speaking about social media integration, the animation attracts more traffic to the Landing Page.4. Font design trendsNow, when the screen resolution is getting higher, and the picture is clearer, we should expect more use of custom fonts. Large letters contrasts of sans serif & serif (chopped & serif) fonts that improve the UX design are in trend, but the most important thing is that they encourage reading!5. Colorful gradientsGradients are now big and colorful, 3D imitating. Recently, the trend is embodied in a gradient filter for photos, which makes them more intriguing. Also, gradient backgrounds become trendy: the color variety perfectly compensates the lack of images.
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